The three naked thieves

It was so real, just like porno movie secrets not hidden and everyone all permitted to see it. I, ugo and the rest people gazed at the three thieves.

The three thieves were so lucky not to have being beaten to stupor, but mercifully tied with different length of palm leave, two tied together and one separately tied. It looks like the one separately tied was likely the master minder of their operation. The captures don’t even have any one of them, because the legislative recently passed a national law against jungle justice. It is not their responsibility to prosecute them but the police were to do so, but before they come out from their citadel to take away the accused to their paradise of suffer, the crowd was enjoying their company.

Ugo looked amused, as it was physically expressed on her face, that she was enjoying it. She was at the back of them, gazing at the three naked thieves. None were female but all male, having bodies with lots of muscle like macho men. They were all ashamed as all cloths was remove from their body, now naked and various structure advertised. She soon became frustrated, as more people came to watch blocking her view. She moved position touching one person to another to clear her path to the front, so she can see the main event not fuzzy live on high definition.

I felt so unconcerned for their manly, because it was intimidating to my manhood and it is really jealous of me, but not the feeling of ugo and other ladies watching intensely. Ugo was outstanding out of the crowd, with her teeth shinning so white and her chick bulging with her pointed nose. I can’t tell, what she imaging in her mind, all was smiled up. May be her mind is telling her amusing or may be trying to compare, the bananas with the past she have eaten. She cared less about, whosoever is watching her but care for the bananas but have a pity for the owners because it is no more for sale and was beyond her reach.

Things became more interesting, when three old women, came to the scene on hearing about it. Non in the crowd felt pitiful for the thieves, some shouting kill others shouting bet them up, others calming the aggrieved, until the three old women stopped all agitations.

The thieves were so humble, because they had been stripped of their humanity and lack words in their mouth to free themselves from them. The three old ladies on arrival settled things amicably, by putting thierselve in their mothers shoes and not mistaken also have children like them and the thought of losing a son would be painful. Despite the presence of the old ladies, ugo continued smiling until she was interrupted.

 The old ladies murmured within in their native language saying look at that lady smiling and the other said she is not ashamed of herself and is really a useless girl, who is not too different from the thieves and to crown it all look at were her eyes is going, the last one said we need to do something about it.

The old ladies ar here to make trouble, so they all surrounded the smiley, one standing at her front and the other two at her back and side.

The one at her back smacked her bum and it aligned her composure into shape. Ugo couldn’t take such insult and have no idea they were much. When she realize she looked at the three ladies eyeball to eyeball with no respect and shove off them. Her bad respond got her a deserved slap, which made her short fused and she began to pour all sorts of trash to them. Her words were very harsh and catty, as one with no home training, even a lady standing closely, told her it was enough but she didn’t shut mute, but kept on talking. She is stubborn and Suzy and need discipline; if her parents didn’t train her, we would train her, as they murmur to themselves. She kept on insulting and got stocked, when the three ladies wrestled her to the ground. It was a well planned strategy; the ladies exhibited one holding her legs and the other struggled to bring her to the ground. It was a village king of fight despite her youthful strength, the three brought her down because they were once a youth.

The three of them beat her to and fro with nowhere to escape, because they were all sitting on her. It was an interesting scene to watch as the crowd diverted their attention from the three thieves to the three old ladies. Even the thieves were also attracted to watch, since they bare no more the focal point of attraction.

The brawl became interesting as the old ladies turn her top a little while struggling and she began to beg, as she realized, she is over powered and would have to beg before her condition becomes like that of the thieves, who are naked with no shame on their faces, after all they are men but for her, she would hide in shame. She begged severely to attract the attention of some good Samaritans. The men didn’t make an inch to help her, only echoing “mamma deal with her” because they were enjoying it until when she was rescued.

Ugo didn’t waste a minute, as she left immediately shedding tears with her hair and body all parched with dirt and sand. The three didn’t bloop to pass their message across and was simple for three of them, because there was no atom of schism among them. She asked them why go into stealing and said “it was the devil, who pushed him into it” and replied him with holy fire burn his mouth; anything bad you would refer to the devil.

The thieves were so humble to narrate the whole truth; bongo, attar and Vincent are birds of the same feather, which always flock together. They were always together all talking about these, talking about that, planning about these because they were petty jobless children. Sometimes, they work some menial job, which is not enough to cater for their lifestyle, eating from hand to mouth with no savings, even their love for women and drinks didn’t help them at all. After getting little from today hustle, they spend all at madam brako canteen and the weird thing is that she doesn’t allow for credit, which is boldly written on stickers on her door tagged “no credit today come tomorrow”.

Madam brako has been in the business for long and on the way recruited two girls, whose physique was bringing more customers for her. They are a regular customer and know a lot about madam brako, her girls and her business. When money ran out their pocket, they planned to collect all back from her by breaking into her shop to steal her property. It was easy for them breaking the lock with a hammer and catered away with her generator, three champagne, sound theaters, plasma television and a laptop. As stupid as three of them would be, they came prepared with no mobility to carry all they robbed but instead choose to go through the quite bush, but unlucky to them, vigilante caught and arrested them.

As they finished their narration, the police arrived and took them away. While at the police station madam brako was given back her property.

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