The Potential Bride

Business is business, there is nothing like big or small, lucrative or shady, successfully all depends on a mutual relationship reached between both parties involved.

Madam ifi is an independent business woman with no connection to Japan or Hong Kong but enjoys her fraudulent bride price business, using her only beautiful daughter as her only commodity. Her daughter is quite a queen and her beauty is very attractive, that at her age, she is well endowed from head to toe and on all part of her body; face, back and front all gleam into the eyes of every passerby. No suitor wants to know her background or origin but is more interested to know more about the beautiful amara.

 This too much attention amara is getting made her mother to acquire more occupation to be forwarding and clearing agent for her daughter without the prior knowledge of her daughter or that of her husband. She was a housewife and petty trader, who uses her shop not too big as her cooperate office to attract well to do suitors.

In her office you could see, a portrait of amara boldly big, beautiful and four corners hanged at the entrance like that I see at any bank. The portrait do all the magic, as it brings up conversation and before you know it musti, segun, Eriksson, Joshua and chinedu had already dropped huge sums of money to have her hand in marriage.

Four weeks has past, each suitors returns to have a good news, but their hope all dashed up with excuses like my daughter refused your proposal and your money won’t be refunded, since it was to influence the marriage proposal. Madam ifi is wise, always ready to make trouble with any slightest mistake and behaves as if she knows her right but have no degree in law but knows how to use it to her own advantage and firmly captures the minds of her client with fear accompanied with her sweet tongue, which she use to charm them all but failed wit chinedu; a hustler, who has suffered so much to earn money and an Akagum meaning “Stingy Hand”. Even madam often quarrels playfully with him, that he doesn’t forget his change no matter long it have been or small the denomination.

It was a day of introduction, luckily amara was inside attending to some customers, when chinedu walked in surprised and her mother intentionally went to attend to him so he would also fall prey to her. Madam this girl is very beautiful; she looks like the girl on the portrait you have been telling me about. She replied; yes she is the one, but I told you and all this while you kept deaf ears, I hope you can now believe my sayings are true. Chinedu said, madam now I can now believe you and I concur to your opinion. To add sugar to honey madam called her daughter, amara came and she told her to great him because he was his main customer but all that was wash and on the other side increased the love tempo of chinedu.

When amara went out from their presence madam told him point and clear, you see that my daughter it all yours at your disposal to marry but you have to follow what I tell you. Chinedu wasted no time to tell him he was ears open and interested in her daughter. Madam ifi told him to pay in the huge amount she requested, so she would use it so persuade her daughter and her family at large to accept his proposal and immediately he transferred the money into her bank account and she nodded to her head to him she has received it and mega done pay.

Chinedu was very happy and carried away by thoughts of beautiful wife to be without realizing she was still a minor

She never picked his calls, even his text messages all deleted at once from her list. Madam has failed to again to fulfill her promise telling after a month and he felt cheated, even replying her message and she also gave him strict warning not to near her shop until her plan works otherwise he would spoil her marriage plan.

Chinedu felt tired of the whole thing and visited her impromptu and was not surprise to see him and as usual find a way to deceive her customers. She told him, her daughter turned down his offer, which is her regular watch words, she use to defraud her clients. it sounded strange, when he asked for a refund since there was no profit or work done. Madam ifi was so speechless that he was wise and wasn’t a fool like others. Chinedu knew his right and didn’t fight with her, after she told some dirty words, that can make a man go crazy to commit harm but he remained calmed.

Seven days later, she found herself in police were she realized it wasn’t a joke but something seriously beggar than her. She was arrested and detained for committing fraud and she can’t deny it, as all fingers were pointing to her. The payment transfer was presented as evidence against her, which made her entire family involved to help out, after she is still their mother and wife.

She was so sorry for defrauding him and begged on her knees front at the front of him, promising him, she would pay him back, as soon as she finds another suitor and everyone was so amazed. The droplet of her tears didn’t moved a pinch in his heart, because he felt before now she had a cold heart, he walked out of the station leaving her in the hands of the police, until she refund his money.

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