My Dislikes For Men

I don’t know, what men or boys did to her, but what I can perceive emanating from her, is her innermost expression for the opposite sex. She dislikes men with great passion because of what she had passed through in men hands. Her story is not enough to convince, how men look like, but her friends testimonies is enough to add all truth to it.

People complain about marriage cruelty, but it’s not for everyone. Marriage is a learning process, with “patience” serving as maintainer. Even patience is a testimony of her marriage because she is in her marriage and lucky for her, she had a very good tolerant husband. Not every man can be like her husband, as the four ladies, she meet yesterday at the fun park, were all narrating their own bitter taste about marriage.

Patience and the four ladies meet by coincidence at the fun park, since it was Easter and their children needed a place to play and celebrate it. The children didn’t bother to disturb their parents, as they were busy jingling with the toys at the park.

The children in question were much and the mothers were looking at them from and shouting take it easy, don’t wound you. The children were so happy, been it was their first time of seeing each other and no alter of burdens in their life; all passing right through their mind was only to play and chew their ice cream. The one rolling from up to down and again, they enjoyed that one, as if it took them close to the sky. When they were up at that level, they were so happy and at the same time frightened so nothing bad happens to them.

While the children were enjoying themselves, the four ladies looked as if they had their marriage evenly shared, as two were already sent out of their matrimonial home and the other two still in their marriage, but not really enjoying it to the best of their satisfaction, because they hate their husband with passion.

The ladies were joyfully sharing their story and were not lying about it, because they have something in common; as they got married too soon at an early age.

Sadly said her ex-husband became cruel to her, after he got a government contract and all of a sudden, he became rich and forgot, when he promised her at the begging of their relationship to love her forever. The sudden riches untimely brought out his true character, as he began looking outside their marriage and got a lady pregnant. The woman was far older than her in age with two children from her ex-husband, just like her with two boys. The woman didn’t waste much time to come into my matrimonial home with her two kids, I couldn’t stand it, I and my husband quarreled night and day about her presence. I don’t know what he was trying to do, he could have instead rent an apartment for her and I won’t complain but bear the pain and scar he had caused in my heart. He didn’t listen to mean and then I realized he preferred her more important than me, I was no more important, my children were no more important and not up to a month, she parked in, she cooked up a story for him to end our marriage and it worked for her, because her influence of her over my husband, made him to throw me out of my marriage.

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