The Forbidden Fruit: What to Expect

The story series is about a young man by name dexter, who loved to do the right things and always lived a quiet and separate life with no noise, but things began to deteriorate, when those he so much loved and really he have fallen in love with never loved him back, its either, she always have an excuse, lie to him and don’t even give any attention to him.

it now came to climax, she meet this two beautiful ladies, when he was running a one year master’s program and had the opportunity to talk to them and pocket them, but it didn’t go as he expected, despite doing the right thing as righteous guy and he further realized, he wasted one year of his time chasing the impossible and blamed his righteousness for been responsible for is failure for those beautiful ladies he lost in the past and now in the present, but the only way he could amend for all these disappointment was to sell all his property, buy a new one and kidnap the present ladies and use that opportunity to exert his love on them.

The forbidden fruit brings to light those things we all are expected to possess as married or single’s, things we are expected to eat, when young and what is meant for the rightly matured.

we are expected to eat all things but not permitted to eat all things as it was from the beginning of creation and right now, dexter is trying to weigh his option on what to eat and at this moment his conscience is lost and don’t care what the mortals and immortals have to say about it.

Don’t miss any episode of “The Forbidden Fruit” it’s worth to read, get educated and entertained. it would be posted every Wednesday.

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