Succession Of Character

Life is a lesson, the more we live, the more we learn. Nothing also never last, that’s why when one is up there he or she is expected to do everything possible to do things many would remember them for tomorrow.

Yesterday he had power but today he has no power, no force but only him to reckon with, while another is right now having the poor his predecessor had yesterday and as years go by, tomorrow it will be the turn for him to leave it and another takes over it.

Power is sweet, crazy and very intoxicating and there it feels, there’s is venom running through his vein making him to behave like a god and as if it would last forever, it doesn’t, no matter how bad or cruel one can be, its only for a time.

What matters is doing, the right things, creating more opportunities for me and for everyone because those opportunities created is what would keep you relevant and your name would never die but instead rain, when you are long gone. Just like those in authority of government of various level, they have the opportunity of their own jurisdiction to make things right, but it’s not what we want, as they do things for selfish reasons for themselves and their family, while the masses who bleed for them are left to rot in their hopes.

Character determines our future and public acceptance, when you have a good character people tend to fall in love with you and like you very much. It doesn’t matter, how many persons loves you, because those numbers are bound to multiply as times go by. Some says many pretend so much and hide their character until they have gotten what they want and the effort of the people does not matter.

Politics is a game and much dirtier to transform a man distinct character into a rag. He or she was not like that yesterday but was such a cool and gentle person, who can’t even hurt a fly, but since when he climbed the stairs to seat on authority, his character changes and cares less about what people see about his character. He is now in power ready to hurt anyone, who dares him and very much intoxicated with power and no longer realize that it was his character that actually got him to that position. It’s only a matter of time, he realize that power belongs to the people, that no matter how much you have to keep yourself relevant with authority, that the people must surely prevail, they would win and make a mockery of him or her, in fact he or she is no longer safe because as soon as they take power from him, they would be chase to hurt him and his home is no more but now a structure abandoned for the weed smokers and the creatures of the forest.

There is nowhere to run to , he caused his own problem letting power and greed into his head and all his legacy he worked for to keep would be destroyed as another comes into play. Continent Africa happens to suffer a lot from this kind of character because men in authority always aim as they climb that steps of authority to get wealth and save it for his children yet unborn, when those alive keep on suffering and regretting, why did they put him in that position and the wheel of change in character does not change, but only requires someone with the heart of the people and fear of God to keep his character unchanged and unbent no matter the dark forces, because character has a role to play in our existence, acceptance and greatness.

Thanks for reading, don’t allow you to be influenced and say something.

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