The Alpha Woman

In a dark study David kept pacing back and forth while saying to himself…

She’s exploiting the powers she has over him; he was weak when it comes to the husband/wife relationship they shared. She knew all the buttons that led to sexually satisfying him. She was bold, passionate, pretty, wild and sexy, all that and more led him into this decision they are fighting over now. He made her quit her job,  he thought that giving her access to all what he owns will be enough, but she was an ‘Alpha Female’ and simply being married  was not  fully satisfying her, she wanted more, not just him!

This was his fourth marriage, and he thought he had problems with women, after his last divorce he kept himself to his job, he took a vow that he will not embarrass himself again with any other female, he couldn’t tolerate what each woman would be saying behind his back to the whole country, and the gossips moving around; of how he failed in making them feel like real women! His marriages were with zero chemistry, and every encounter with any of his previous wives left him washed in shame, he dreaded making love to them, and he buried himself in his work, he used to arrive in the early morning when they were in deep sleep, he slept few hours, showered, and left to work. This was the best solution he could have come up with!

Until he saw her at a party, she flirted with him so openly, wildly, so passionately, that she frightened him; she showed him that she was interested in him as a man. He was taken back, surprised, disgusted at one point, because as a man he loved being the hunter, doing the hard work and chasing his prey! Never in his wildest dreams did he dream of a woman doing the opposite; becoming the hunter and chasing him! He was about to let her know that he isn’t interested in the game that she was playing, but then he remembered his failures with his previous wives, he told himself it’s okay to reverse the roles, just as men let women be at the top when coupling and taking the lead, let me taste what it feels like to be hunted and chased!


For three awesome months he had the most passionate love affair of his life with her, she took the reins of their relationship in her hands, and to his amusement he liked it very much. She loved him 100%, didn’t hold anything back, and gave him the taste of things he never knew existed, and he was afraid to lose his new found passion, he proposed to her asking her to leave her job, and just to be his wife and remain at home, he couldn’t stand the idea of her changing her mind about him, losing interest in him and then desiring another man or her being desired by other men.


She wasn’t allowed to engage in any activity outside the house that didn’t involve him, they did everything together, it made him feel safe, he wasn’t going to let another male take away the sense of ‘Manhood’ she gave him.


Then their lovemaking became less passionate, she was holding herself back, and he had a sense that something was wrong. One night after they made love which wasn’t satisfying to him as it used to be, he took her devices and searched her mobile, laptop and all the other devices, he wanted to find an evidence that confirms his suspicions, but he couldn’t find anything, and he thought to himself maybe she is also a very clever cheater, she is after all the woman who made him fall head over heels in her love, and after marriage he became her sex slave who couldn’t live a minute without being inside her!


Few days later he confronted her asking her why she had become so rigid and cold.

‘Did the bird find a new nest?!’ He said to her

She just came out of the shower, she threw the towel on the floor, stood naked in front of him, looking at him with a very strange look in her eyes she took the lotion bottle, she normally lets him do it because he loves it, he loves applying cream to her, and letting his hands and fingers touch and learn her body more, but tonight she seemed like she wasn’t going to let that happen. She began applying the lotion to her neck, then her chest rubbing her hands so slowly until she reached her breasts, she began touching them so softly spreading the lotion  over them, and then squeezed and pinched them the same way he does when loving her, then she held both of her breasts in her hands shaking them,  her hands went to her nipples fingers moving in circles around her hardened tips, she touched her belly,  tights, buttocks and legs in a provocative manner, and when she came to her sex, she massaged it so slowly and lovingly as if it was him who was the one touching her, his face became red, his eyes seemed as if they were about to pop out from their place, she knew he was hard and dying to be inside her, but she kept torturing him by denying him from pleasing himself through pleasuring her, she knew she gave him a taste of what being a man to your woman means. Being desired gave her super powers, and she can see what that meant from his face and the emotions running through his body.

She was still massaging her sex when she said in a very husky and aroused voice ‘I don’t cheat, if we run out of love, I will be out of here. I got myself into your life, and I can also get myself out of your life.’

He came closer to her letting her feel his arousal and need, he was baring himself so that she can see that he needed her painfully and he wasn’t washed in shame or going to hide or deny his need.

Thanks For Reading, this just Episode 1,there is still two more episode to Go.


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