I Cant Breathe

When God created man,he never put interest in color but emphasis in making the world habitable, with so much love, fruit and joy, but fast track to when he said, in genesis 6, that my spirit shall not strive with man,because he saw great wickedness in man, that every of their imagination of thought of their heart was always evil continually,but we all can stop it if we are not silent to speak out when such wickedness like that did exerted on George Floyd.

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Pata ugumu wa kusoma kwa kiingereza, kisha tumia kitufe cha machungwa kilicho upande wako wa kushoto kubadilisha kwa lugha ya Kiswahili

Today victory is sure because our voice is bringing new change with god on our side, and as we celebrate this victory we all have achieved, we need to be sober, because many have died as a result of the evil of mankind, we need to pray for God constant provision, mercy and grace upon your life so no man or evil can find you.

I Cant Breathe” would make your day Victorious,sober and Prayerful.

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