Planet America

Planet America most anticipated destination, a place that’s found on earth, which look like a separate planet from earth. A place everything goes for nothing, dreams are met, love thriving nutritiously and evil aspirations all shattered, no wonder every person is so anxious of going to “Planet America” because, the evil going on outside “Planet America” is simply horrible and unpredictable. I wonder, because if there is no “Planet America” evil would be cooked more effectively in higher scale and sold to the highest bidder because there is always a customer ready to buy.

Americans live in a bubble, they are citizens of planet America, and maybe many of them intentionally or unintentionally are blind to what is happening around them. Intentionally they avoid getting involved in what is happening outside of ‘Planet America’; because they think their country has been playing the role of ‘World Cop’ for so long, and the outcome of such entanglement with world affairs have always not been one of positive outcome. Unintentionally they avoid getting involved in what is happening outside of ‘Planet America’; because they think they have so much to deal with at the moment at home, and as they say charity always starts home!

They protest the cards that they had been dealt and never ask themselves how did we get here? They say their elections were a result of ‘White Angry Men’, and we have seen the demonstrations taken by those angry people where innocent had died and where fascist and Nazi sentiments were expressed, we are not making an excuse for anyone, we are analyzing the phenomena before our eyes, nobody who got a shred of humanity in their hearts can be with those who carry hate in their hearts and see no evil in eliminating the life of another being. No one can be with that, but what was done to change the hearts and minds of those angry people? They exist, and they live with you in America. If their political choices were based upon economic hardships and also their resentment and hate stemmed from a mixture of economic hardships and confused thoughts be it from their political views or misinterpretations of religion (I have not come a religion or belief that says hate, harm or kill the other), what steps are taken towards solving such an issue?

Not only are our American brothers and sisters’ blind to what is happening outside of ‘Planet America’, they are also ignorant on what is happening inside ‘Planet America’! Many of their fellow citizens are living in poverty that can result in those people being trafficked, more and more people are becoming homeless, the list of sad and catastrophic news is unending, more and more Americans are becoming drug addicts, USA suffers from an ‘ Opioid Crisis’. The ‘New Opium Wars’ is happening inside of America. The ‘Opium Wars’ where one country targeted the population of another country without war and brought them down to their knees via drugs is taking place inside of America, and if citizens of USA were ever crying over that they are seeing less and less of ‘Made in America’, they now have a ‘Made in America’; in drug manufacturing! (Used that in a tweet today)

Think again of the places outside of ‘Planet America’, if those who praise themselves on having inherited an exceptional republic and a ‘Shining City On the Hill’ are under unbelievable kind of agony, what about those who thought they have gained their freedom from their colonizers and fallen into those who are doing ‘Proxy Colonization’ on behalf of their former masters? The evil and ills happening outside of ‘Planet America’ is beyond anyone’s capacity to comprehend. Wars everywhere, people of all ages suffering, billions impoverished, and are under all kinds of hardships and atrocities. Millions of human begins fleeing from suffering within their countries in boats into the waves of uncertainty; not knowing if they will make it alive to the shore and if they reach the shore safely and alive whether they will be welcomed and treated humanely in the countries they have escaped to.

What can one do? Become selfish and self-centered? Remember that injustice and oppression of one person anywhere, is injustice and oppression to everyone everywhere.

Even when you know in your heart that your opponent is evil, take a policy of ‘Do No Evil’ even towards those who have caused you a great deal of suffering, and when faced with a problem, ask yourself what can I do to solve this problem? And always make sure that when you are doing your best to change a very evil situation that you don’t end becoming like your evil opponent.

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