My Burning Love

My heart is so much bitter; don’t know how to express myself. I have everything, as a man wishes in life; money, talent and a good profession, but still he is not happy.

My happiness comes from her, any time I see her or we chit chat, I feel so much joy gushing out through my heart. I don’t know how it all happened; just like how the children of Israel were thirsty for water, only to have it when Moses struck the rock and forth came out from the rock, spring of living water.

He wants his joy to continue and don’t know how long it can last because his lover is simply not stable, she is such a liar,she says a thing with her right lips and turns to her left to say another. She is quite a chameleon and he doesn’t trust her words.

It made him to shop for her replacement at all cost even though, if he eventually get embraced by the  girl on the way, he doesn’t mind because he want his joy in full measure after spending much time with Linda.

Laura was a potential substitute for her and so he embarked by shading her on the way from some place she was coming from. Excuse he says to her ,I want to talk to you and she was like do I really know you and was surprised, and having thoughts i was that popular guy, you don’t know me and was really ashamed of himself and kept it a secret, only known to him and no one and was so calm to console himself. He said to himself I would have not embarrassed myself like these am a man and would bear it.  He never told anyone except for his best friend, who he didn’t completely tell, what happened only a sketch of the narration.

Now, I must keep faith because there are still beautiful ones yet unborn, but he is growing older and would wait to attract anyone sooner than expected.

Sometimes he feels sad, piercing himself with wrong words like why her, there are lots of other girls and not as if I want to eat her fruit but am just willing to be humble to her as a friend.

He woke up this morning, still surprised, she haven’t replied his chat and his mind took him afar the distance he covered jogging and walking to catch up with the fast pace of the other lady, who never wanted to talk to him and who never had time to talk to him. It was simply paining to hold all the disappointment and feeling and the only way he could relief his sorrow and frustration was to write down how he feels ,so that he would often read his narration and remind himself, how it feels to work so hard to gain a guaranteed trust, from the ones he loves, for the girl his spirit, body and soul compass him to convince to be his girl, but until then, he would only wait, read and pray God compass him to his newest lover.    

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