No Reason To Cry

Perhaps the 8o’s weren’t after all the best of times for one particular kid who went to schools! It’s was before any rules were set & been made effective if they ever exist! Ones that deals with teachers violence & abuse, every ill practiced towards kids were seen as a matter of disciplining, & forget about questioning teachers what’re doing towards kids they hate!

Some schools were just a ‘Piece of heaven’, what’s this?! Apologizes, they’re a ‘Living hell’, & it’s very confusing for kids who suffered at home too, parents being ‘ Mini Hitler’s’ towards one particular child that they hate the most, they join all their efforts to cause the highest level of destruction & damage to their target ‘The Child’.

Love doesn’t conquer all, maybe it does for some folks, not all times but sometimes. You see it didn’t help this one black kid, not at home nor at school, & with all the innocence in children despite what both groups did she loved them, because they meant the world to her, & they are & were the entire world to her. She loved her teachers but that love didn’t help her at all, it wasn’t capable of defeating the very dark hate that filled their hearts towards her. She was beaten every day, mocked by the rest of class & expelled out of class for no reason but for the single reason that teacher didn’t like her. None of the teachers liked her, when she was expelled from class she’d bury herself at the school library, that was the only safe place on the whole planet, no sight of the kids who would steal her money & who had beaten her every day the same time at the school break, no teachers, no parents, none of the groups who did nothing to her but total damage & destruction. No sight even of the two girls who cracked open her head at the school bathroom at the age of five, & left her bleeding on the floor, what was wrong with those girls too! Everyone seemed on a mission to terminate her at school & at home. At her sanctuary; the library she read all the books, while her teachers used to accuse her of being unable to read, no one came in her defence not even the librarian!

They had a scary little invention called ‘The mice room’ another tool they use against those they hate & they sent her often there.

Those days at school can be described as ‘The ogre that mothers used to scare their kids with.’ We as children had been there with mother’s saying to us ‘If you don’t this or do that the ogle will come at night & eat you.’

Well truth is; some schools were the ‘Ugly abusive, frightening, torturing, & blood sucking ogre that ate all the pretty things within our children.’

The school was another ogre with its teachers. She still remembers Mr. Khaled her maths teacher of the fourth grade who for no reason hit her badly, maybe he just had a bad day with his wife, school manager or whatsoever person-which gives him no excuse to assault kids- he slapped her then throw her against the wall as if he’s kicking a ball & asked her that she never attends his class, or the dancing teacher who told her she’s dancing like a monkey because she’s performing an African dance & the teacher couldn’t get the moves!

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