The Madam

‘Oh I love you. Yes, more baby, please don’t stop!’

Her voice, moans & cries filled the house, the maids & driver were having lunch at the kitchen, and then just out of the blue like every time the animalistic voice of their employers making love and enjoying themselves with no regard or consideration for anyone has again hit them!

The driver looked at the girls & then said ‘I am looking for employment with no luck, we can’t work in such an environment!’

One of the maids looked at him & then said ‘At least they are married and not in any illegal affair, thank God for that!’

The other girl stood up then closed the door with hope that they will have no more access to the craziness taking place at their madam and her husband’s bedroom, but to her disappointment the voices, laughs & cries were still there!

The driver looked at them saying ‘I can see why they don’t have children yet!’

The girls had told him of many sultry and steamy stories about their madam, how more than once they saw her wearing nothing and sleeping on a small mat at the front yard with her body covered in oil, she would then tell the girls that she is taking something called ‘Sunbathe’ and they should stay indoors to avoid seeing her like that!

Another day the girls were cleaning the living room, their madam’s husband was once again at the house and they were doing it in the middle of the day! Then to their surprise the madam came in suddenly wearing nothing but a (G-String Panty ) , she looked as if shocked or panicked, maybe she didn’t expect to see them and thought the room was empty, and she will not come across anyone to witness how she looks after making love with her man, as if paralyzed she froze and couldn’t move, the girls saw her very large breasts covered with marks like bites, she had the biggest nipples that they had ever seen, her thighs and stomach too were covered with more bites, and her hair was a mess, when she saw the girls looking at her breasts she then placed her two hands over them to cover them from their probing and invading eyes. Out of the blue her husband shouted begging her to come back to the room, she then ran out of the room and went back to him.

At the kitchen the three of them looked at each other, then as if they had a secret silent agreement they stood, and walked on their fingertips following the sounds, the more closer they get, the higher and louder the sounds emerging from the bedroom, they were standing near an opened window, they stood there their backs pressed to the wall listening, and then her voice came filled with ecstasy and arousal:

‘Yes baby, press harder!’

‘Yes there you just hit the right place, don’t move, keep pressing harder’

Then she went on screaming and moaning saying ‘Move up, not there go down, there, yes don’t stop baby, now stronger, press a little harder, great, more please!’

‘I love what you’re doing to me; you’re like a magician who knows all the secret keys to my body.’

Then another moan and cry, her husband was not talking like her at all,  he was only saying I love you in a shaky breathless voice, now they can hear the bed making a cracking sound from their weight and what they were doing.

The three of them then moved closer to window, they now can see into the room, the room was hugely big, and a mosquito net was hanging from the ceiling, it surrounded the bed from every side, the madam and her husband were inside the net, the husband’s back was facing them, he was laying atop of his wife, she was beneath him sleeping on her belly, they were both fully dressed, and he was simply massaging her back!

The three of them looked at each other in great disappointment, and then they moved quietly back to the kitchen, once they were there, the driver shouted angrily saying ‘No steamy sex was taking place, were all the stories you’re telling me just a lie?!’

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