My Lady Insulted Me for My Height

To be frank with you, you need someone who is taller. It’s somewhat improper for two short people to be together in marriage. Their offspring’s bound to have height deficiency.

He dent have to feel bad or pained, you should be happy she told you her mind and her being with you and cheating on you with another taller guy since she loves them tall. Just move ahead and find the girl that loves you the way you are, no one knows tomorrow and she may come back begging, end up with a shorter guy or get married to a richer taller guy. She dumped him because u are short, just move on because at 5.2 u are really short and that’s a brief case.

He is am 5’2 feet tall and financially ok, and his proposed love to his lady who should be about 5’1 feet but she turned him down saying he is too short. Don’t take it personal. She’s thinking of her future children. She wants them to grow tall. Just like someone ugly going for someone beautiful because of their future kids.

He bet to disagree his aunt is not tall, her husband wasn’t tall, But if you see their children? They’re like giants. As long as there are tall people in the guy and lady’s family, their offspring can also be tall provided they feed them well and don’t subject them to those height suppressing domestic labour like carrying heavy load on their head.

Nothing new there according to his friend narrating us. I know of a lady who insulted a friend of mine that came to toast her. Let me call that friend of mine “X”.

Those days in the past before we all settled down, I was interested in her friend but this lady was always busting in on us disturbing, cutting into our conversation and alone time. It was obvious she was very jealous of her friend and was prepared not to give me and her breathing space or the chance to get to know one another.

So I got my very good friend involved, my wingman. Nice guy, very friendly and animated when one gets to know him, he was a ladies man and loved women like crazy. But this lady never even gave him a chance to strike a convoy. Her problem from the start was his height, he was 5’4 ft. I couldn’t understand her problem to say the least, she too was not tall. She was 5’6 ft. But no, she was a living hell for the guy all the time we were there. Used her height to make his live miserable. He only stayed because he wanted me to at least score before we left. On our way home I asked him why he didn’t come to interrupt me. He said “guy, I didn’t mind being miserable but at last let my man achieve his aim”.


So fast forward some years later. Lady I was into then was wedded, married someone else. We were at an event, precisely “X” traditional wedding. Since we knew the ladies, we kind of kept in touch. I was opportune to sit close to them.

That one that kept insulting “X” was so pained. You could see it in her face, I wonder why she even came if she knew she couldn’t take it. I then overhead her say to her friend quietly “how could I have been so blind, now he is marrying someone else”. Her friend replied her, “we kept telling you not to compare other people with your ex. Sit down there and take it. Just don’t cause any scene”. I did tell my friend about it like a “gossip”. Told him at the wedding immediately. My guy was even so belovalent enough as even to walk up to her while he was dancing with his bride and asked her to join him on the dance floor where he introduced his wife to her. After she left the dance floor, she locked herself up in the bathroom and cried her eyes out saying and I quote “this could have been my traditional marriage”. Yes, when I didn’t see her sitting with her married friend, I sought her out and found her crying in the toilet. That was then, I was young and mischievous.

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