Not All Slim Girls Have Flat Backside

My love for slim girls knows no bound, the fact that their thigh is slim enough not to choke their vagina there by preventing vagina odor gives men joy.

With the global viral arguments and debates tagged “Not All Slim Girls Have Flat Ass”, many Model Queen, have been releasing Photos in favour of the argument that “not all slim girls have flat ass”, and showcasing her curvy and swollen Ass, yet with a flat stomach and a slim shape to prove her point.

Fashion runway models have the flattest butts. They’re considered the ideal form of beauty, disregarding the trend that bigger butts are better.

Variations in shapes and sizes are a part of the diversity of any species, and it’s a matter of fat distribution and musculature as influenced by genetics, nutrition, and physical activity.

There is also findings that show women with big butts have small boobs and those with small boobs have small butts.

Not all slim girls because I have seen a lot who actually have big butt tell us do you agree not all slim ladies have small butt

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