Black Is King: Strong Reactions

Racism is the single lie, sown and grown into a compound truth defended by complex lies, confused liars and injustice-soaked justice systems and given roots by myths, evil and conspiracies.

I watched #BlackIsKing and had (many) thoughts. But rather than write them I decided to interview  multidisciplinary artists and fans to find out what they had to say.

Black Lives Matter, they matter so much that an escapist fantasy , “Black is King”, Beyoncé’s newest creation does little to lift or connect the dots toward showing the mighty trajectory that is the rich, highly evolved spiritual legacy of the Motherland, Mistress Africa. There is no story in this video beyond adoration of elegance, constant fashion/art statements, all glory to Queen Bey, where is Black is King? The visuals are the highest of capitalist fashion taste with no expense spared on cinematography & set but to inspire a current 21st century African American to connect to their heritage & to give something to aspire to it falls totally flat. Through all the costume changes, not a drop of sweat, narry a smile, where is the Toil and where is the joy and magnificent Spirit that Africans have to uplift us??The only thing that one can glean from this piece is more of the Same- -aspiration to Uber wealth, booty is King, pimpish black men glorified & the like, only the rare glimpses of Real Africans & African  scenes fleetingly gives one the tiny connection to the motherland! Black lives Matter, Black people are suffering terribly right now and have been and the path to realization of the great spiritual , intellectual legacy that Africans, in all lands sprung from ,needs representation by ones who speak truth to power and walk the walk and talk the talk and draw all allies along with their walk! To Rise Up and let the societies, integrate the real richness that this Culture, broken as it’s been, has yet to fully offer! The gift that brings relief would be pouring support from the Uber wealthy cup to further build social/ economic programs that will give footing in these terrible times. That would be Black is King, that would be Love and real Connectedness!

I watched #BlackIsKing and was proud that Beyoncé created a film that little Black kids could see themselves in. I wish more conversation happened around the film’s power to allow Black kids to dream, make mistakes on their journey, and develop emotional intelligence.

I am so jealous of this generation that in their childhood, they have a visual representation of black excellence to tap into. Growing up, the entire TV screen was whitewashed including stories about Africa. So it’s amazing to see this visual album not only recollecting who we once were in terms of religion and celebration, but also the issues we go through and were they might lead. Also very proud to see all the African artists bring their very best to the forefront after years of working extremely hard to catapult Afrobeats to mainstream platforms. I know there will be haters on all sides because let’s be real when something celebrates the marginalized and the disenfranchised, oppressors start to feel very uneasy. I am proud of Beyonce for really delving into our culture and showing that we are all connected by the circle of life. The sooner we see that African American, Black British, Zambian or Nigerian even many Melanesian people all over the world, we are all one.  This is an ode to us, to life and to everything!

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