My Sweet Heart

Love and care are so much important, in once life and if such is lacking, life can really be unbearable and can push one into something he or she didn’t bargained.

This was a situation for joy, who became an orphan after losing her father to death in 2007 and years later, she lost her mother. She was only surviving child of her mother but wasn’t the only child of her father, as he married extra two wives, who also gave him bunch of children.

Joy didn’t have anyone to lay hope on, even her extended family never asked, how she was surviving. She worked extremely hard to keep up with her daily life, but find difficult as she was getting a penny, which wasn’t able to sustain her to continue with her secondary education. She had no choice but to choose one and drop the other. She dropped her education and chooses to pursue after money, in order to survive life and sustain herself. The dream to pursue money at a tender age took her to the city of Port Harcourt.

Joy found a job and started working at a canteen. She also had to pay for an apartment, which was eating deep into her finances coupled with transportation. During her stay in port Harcourt, she changed job often after been fired, but at a time she decided to stop and choose the one that doesn’t have stress but goods she already had ready to sell. Joy got more from having sex with her customers than that she got from working for a person, coupled with abuses she always get from her past boss. These made her mind up to go into prostitution as she was convinced by her friend to join the business.

Love introduced joy into prostitution as she brought her to the owner of a brothel, where she will work and stay. One week later after love introduced joy to the owner of a brothel, she was taken to a sacred place, where she was told to deposit hairs from various art of her body, which was used to perform a ritual and that initiated fully in prostitution.

At first, it was pleasurable but as years went by, she was not improving or growing as she expected. She can’t run away easily even though she is tired of her business, she had already made a contract with the devil, which might last for her lifetime. As she continued on her occupation, ugly incidents kept happening and she was no longer comfortable with it, but instead lament each day for god to rescue her.

Relieve came at some point in her life, when some good Samaritans invited her and her friends to church, but was not the kind of help she was looking for, as they didn’t provide any means for joy and her friends to quite the illicit trade.

  As joy was still hoping for rescue to come, her savior came with an uncommon style of evangelism, urging joy and her friends not to only quit prostitution but pack out of the brothel and follow him. He also promised to give joy and her friends a house, set up business of their own, and sponsors their traditional and white wedding. It was an opportunity, they can’t refuse and the only option was to surrender, repent from their evil ways and give their life to Christ.

Joy on her part didn’t take it serious and felt reluctant to continue with her prostitution lifestyle, not until her close friend died in the act. These created fear in joy, who immediately quit the business of prostitution.

It was not up to three months, joy found the love of her life”Henry”. He was also a victim of poverty, passing through tough stages in life before he found favor, when he joined the church joy was worshipping. This brought about their matrimony and joy could not be able to close her mouth, but shared to love ones and well wishers, how she felt.

The whole guest watch earnestly as joy appreciated God for her life and promised to never leave serving God, even when unborn children are born and to her grand children, they would all receive, the message and have no choice but to dedicate their life to serve God.

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