Her Only Man 1

Nina Abebi Ola was saying this to herself as she’s thinking ‘Whatever way he looked he’s her man; hers alone, no one on earth will share this man with her, he is her own ALFRED HITCHCOCK, he belongs to her alone!’

How many years had they spent with each other 25yrs, & she’s 23yrs when they met & he’s 25yrs her senior! He wasn’t handsome, nothing remarkable about his looks, except kind & assuring eyes, he’s over weight, somehow short, he wouldn’t have caught any woman’s eyes, and the only magnificent thing about him back then was that he’s insanely rich!

Unlike him she’s one hell of a woman, charming, sexy, witty, breathtakingly beautiful & of course insanely poor! She didn’t fall for his wealth, the glamour & air around him, it was his kindness, life is tough for many men & women in Lagos-Nigeria, & she’s ensepulchered in poverty. When she met him she’s working at one of the very lively & expensive night clubs in Lagos, she remembers what the man who runs the night club told her when she approached him to work at the place ‘Dressed & fed poorly, very thin shape, but you got the looks after a little bit of polishing you gonna rock this place.’

& that’s it, after few weeks, many clients had begun to hover over the place just to get a sight of her, & she never did anything but smile, sweet talk, a silly joke here & there & that seemed enough; they all be became hooked & addicted to her.

Someone must have told him of her, he came every night then requested from her manager that she exclusively serves him, she wondered what would he ask her to do, nothing, he never even ordered drinks, or even talked to her! He just sat there watched everyone & by the time left; he’d always leave huge tips, large sums of money. With those tips & her salary she managed to take her whole family from the slum, rented a better house, enrolled her three siblings into school, & finally brought a maid to her ailing mother, no more working as a maid herself (her mother) at multiple house to barley feed them, finally someone is working for her.

One night after he arrived at the club, he’s just there for few minutes he gave her a business card then said ‘ Come to this address at 10 am wearing decent cloth, not your show business vulgar dresses, dress like a business woman or a university girl, wear something nice & decent.’  With that he’s gone  leaving her another big tip!

She took the night off, told the manager she needs to do something, went shopping & bought some fine cloth, makeup, perfume, shoes, some gifts for the rest of the family & lots of food, vegetables, fruits & chocolates.

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