Now You Can See Me 1

Am the wo/man who made you sit on that chair that you’re unable to fill, those shoes which are too big for you to walk in, the ones you convinced us that you’re the right wo/man to fill them, am that person who gave you your so many years of fame & glory, because I’s a fool & have fallen & bought all the lies that you’re selling! Those days are over, me being your fool.


Albert Einstein has a quote that says ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ People can’t afford & don’t have the luxury of making the same political choices & then wait & expect different results. People want & need change now & immediate tangible results on the ground.


There’s a new wave raising in the whole world, one arising from masses  who’re dissatisfied with the current political status quo,  just like the Middle East; many societies are currently undergoing a massive shift in its traditional political preferences. What seemed as the normal course has become very abnormal to the masses. As politicians are failing over & over to deliver & keep up the promises they made to their people, the angry & dissatisfied masses decided to take matters into their own hands, regardless of what the consequences might be, from the point of view of the masses; anything & any consequences is better than living in the same sphere with politicians whom seem very disconnected from their citizens, & only giving them their care & attention  when in need for their votes.

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