Proper Sex Life 1

Being a woman is tough, being African is equally tough, & then comes the toughest of all the tough that ever existed; being an ‘African Somali Woman/Girl/Female’!

They say if you had never had a taste of something say ‘Freedom’ for example then if during your life you then lose that something/freedom, you will never know what you’ve lost or what you’re missing!

The Patriarchy, society, clan, culture, tradition & everything around you takes all your rights & then puts it in the hands of ‘Men’, no woman/girl has ever moved/progressed or made a break through within a Somali society without male approval, those that don’t get such approval & blessings are deemed by the patriarchy & society as outcasts, & they must live by the margins, because they revolted against joining the herd, they said no to ‘Domestication’, then that the sentence the society & patriarchy hands them is; ‘No Life’ for those who say no to our way of living!

But truth is; it is a big honour, bravery & courageous act to reject such false existence & everything that count, view or treat you as a human being, one has got every right to choose the way of life that best suits them, a life that one regards & acknowledges as the only righteous way to live. Every day you spend away from being immersed in such falsification is counted as ‘A new birth’ for those who had escaped it.

This story takes place in the nineties, about some Somali women, it will make you wonder how did they figure out that something is/was wrong with their men? & that their ‘Sex Life’ sucks! At a time when everything were in shambles in Somalia, & there’s so little every where, no jobs, but some wives were desperate about their marriages & the relationships they were having, those women who had no proper education, or didn’t even master their own language ‘Somali’ let alone any other international language, yet they felt that something is horrible/terrible & that their relationships with their men is/was wrong, uneducated women: so the chances that they had educated themselves via any other resource regarding that they’re having wrong or dull intimacy with their men is, zero. Also no one told them & they weren’t informed in any other way or through/by any medium.

‘None had seen or read any magazine or even a fiction work on intimacy’, & there’s no internet, but some of those simple uneducated women had a gut feeling & their intuition informed them that they aren’t having a ‘Proper Sex Life’!

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