What happens when you stop workout

exercise of various types have lots of health benefits and when exercise is lacking from your plans, it is only in a matter of time, its negatives would start reflecting in our body system.

Workout in gyms or at home is a time dedicated to exercise and build the body muscular system and in return boost, how one behaves, feels and do things. This is accomplished with the help of hormone known as testosterone found in various amount in both male and female. Testosterone is a hormone that helps build the muscle, as you continue workout regularly, it helps one feel better, stronger and happier because, I also affect our neuron action in the brain and the entire body system.

As your boy age so the level of testosterone also depreciate by one percent as from age 40, the decline process of testosterone can be boosted through regular workout. Exercise of all types help stimulate, the release and production of testosterone.

Workout is very helpful and healthful and when you stop workout it brings, lots of negative effects as such explained;

The lack of time and ability to regularly exercise would make you to become weaker. This can be seen experimentally because if you stay more than a month without exercising, when you resume back, the negative effect would reflect itself because the way you exercise, the weight you normally lift can’t be like before if you use to lift 100kg, when you resume after a month you can’t be able to carry that 100kg because of the time you lost not exercising.

The effect of testosterone, which affects all active people to be happy, strong and sexually active, would decline, as a result of the time lost. It would also make one mentally inactive, this is because of the decline and un-production of testosterone as a result of lack of workout.

Workout of various types like sporting, exercise, weight lifting and endurance can help one better, thereby boosting confidence, increase mental ability, sleep appropriate, become sexually rejuvenated and fill with all confidence to make you achieve your dreams and future potentials.

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