The dawn of buying off love

Love is interesting, divine and natural but do we really need cash to show or attract opposite love. According to findings, it have shown that a man with lots of money can be able to keep his lady happy

Though out their lifetime but such impression does not work for everyone.

Love and money are two different component and shouldn’t be joined together, just like both having high capabilities of solving diverse problem. Money can be used to buy or solve anything but not everything, the same with love as it can be used to solve emotional problems and bring happiness. any relationship, that is built on money end up not lasting because as soon cash flow start drying gradually or pride starts crawling in, such relationship is bound to fail.

When there is not enough money as in the early days of their relationship, frustration sets in and so relationship crash and both go their separate ways to start all over again. Pride can also ruin a relationship because as soon as one or both in the relationship have an ego of having too much money, none would relinquish their trophy, which is unreasonable and would result to a break up or divorce. This can be seen among the rich, celebrities and well to do persons. A relationship is built on love, which is long lasting, natural, durable and original.

This can be experimentally seen, when you compare an original product from a fake one. An original product last longer but fake product last for a short time. This show there is always going to be true and untrue love, genuine and false love. There are lots of couples, who have stayed more than twenty years together with no fight and their relationship still firing strong, just because their relationship was built on love.

These days men don’t want to work so hard to get their love, but instead choose it all wrong to get the woman of their dreams, who possesses all the unique physique appearance, he needs in a woman and the only way, he can get such curvy woman of his dream is by showing off his cash and thereby killing off competition from other competitors and for the curvy woman. what is passing through her mind is that she have work hard to build or bring herself to such attractive level and won’t throw away a rich guy away or any such financial opportunity, for the purpose to be financially stable or secured.

The future is uncertain for an relationship built on money, as research have shown it and with the high amount of divorce each passing day worldwide, that it would always end in a heart break or break up coming from either a woman or man. This is also because, by the time, the relationship prolongs, the man would not feel the same again like when he met her earlier and would like to get a lady just like when he met his wife, which might be because his wife is no more young as before and would probably want to cheat on his wife secretly or openly, which might lead to a break up.

Love is the key to building a future and should be left to take its natural course and the idea to influencing or fast tracking it with money should be avoided because a money relationship don’t always last but end up in fighting and quarrels. Money relationship might prolong itself, but won’t last because its natural course has been altered with money.

There are so many ways to show love, by always been there for your partner and caring so much so him or her. Money can come later when you are convinced he or she truly loves everything about you, when you are highly satisfied him or she would stick with you for long and at that point you can show off, your money at least it was not displayed or exhibited during the start of the relationship.

Like a story about a  couple I witnessed, I was told during their start, the man liked the lady so much because she was so beautiful ,he spoilt her with so much money and decided to marry her despite warning calls from his parent not to marry her, but he didn’t listen and ended up forcing his way to marry that lady but today they are no more together, despite with the number of children they both had, it was not able to keep them together, which was because money was used to buy love and the expiration day of their relationship was standing and waiting for them in the future.

During the start of any relationship, it would always be like a morning dawn that comes with its initial brightness and as the day goes dawn the light begins to set off. Love is always going to be that light in any relationship that would remain permanently but for money love relationship as soon as money dries up, misunderstanding sets, pride and lots more, the light is set to go off and can only be saved or restored back by the amount of love still remaining.

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