What Boris Johnson Just Said

Yes Boris Johnson appears to be on the mend, but that is nothing to do with his “bravery” or any other positive platitude, but the brilliant treatment and care from the NHS. Time to stop these statements that famous people pull through because they are heroes!

If being a hero is just a decent or an honest man was a qualifier for survival, Johnson would be 6ft underground.

HERO has become the most abused word by the media and attributed to people who are not heroes! A HERO is a person who knowingly risks their lives or wellbeing for others or another! The Doctors and nurses who risk death by catching Covid-19 are Hero’s! Then Johnson is NOT a Hero. I think you mean ‘thank you doctors and nurses for your skill, expertise and bravery’.

My mum is a nurse in the NHS for over 30 years. It’s her view that a positive attitude is of vital importance in a patient’s recovery. It could be an expression of bravery or just a mere ‘platitude’ to an outsider but it is of huge importance.

Meanwhile 7,248 people in this country will not be able to celebrate Easter thanks to the actions of this man.

Yes. Boris and Trump have inflicted (and continue to inflict) more violence on people than the vast majority of incarcerated people. I honestly have more sympathy for someone who lashes out violently once than I do for people who systematically do it for millions through policy.

But those 7, 248 deaths will mean nothing to him. They don’t have a name, no history, no identity, no face to look at and wonder, *if only I had acted faster, been more pro-active in trying to save more lives* He didn’t, he wasn’t, he is alive, does he think about the 7,248 dead?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care and back into a general ward at St Thomas’ Hospital where he will “receive close monitoring” during his early recovery. Question is, did he take the drugs Trump recommended, or did he stick to the only treatment available on the NHS, paracetamol and oxygen?

That is a great news let him fully recover as he will need rest Then sorry Prime Minister, you have got many questions to answer, and Knowing full well that death toll would rise in 24 hrs, he just need to be sickie, Can’t be having pesky journeys asking silly questions like.. ‘Do you care’? Or ‘what will you do to stop poor people dying’ Getting sympathy instead of hard questions but a lot of this could have been avoided had you have listened and acted responsibly.

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