Lady Who Exposed Bill Clinton Adultery Dies in Pain

It was a consensual sex, as Bill did not rape Monica. Monica Lewinsky was gracious in her tweet. However that Linda was not her friend but she threw Monica under the bus big time. She also threw Monica Lewinsky after ‘ befriending’ her, under the bus?

She betrayed & deeply hurt her friend, Monica Lewinsky, by taping PRIVATE personal conversations about her consensual affair bill Clinton to further her personal political agenda. The intentions of her & the GOP during the whole thing were questionable at best, not to mention being a textbook example of political/social hypocrisy but nonetheless.

Bill might be Happy Tonight??He and Hillary might be having fun talking about this, but May she rest in eternal peace. May her family have grace and peace as well in this difficult time? She was the one traumatized, planned it all and put herself in her position with the help of the right wing fringe. Nobody else.

Tripp was a Pentagon employee in 1997 when she secretly taped conversations she had with Lewinsky, who confided in her about the affair with Clinton when she had been a White House intern. Tripp later turned over 22 hours of recordings to the special prosecutor Ken Starr, putting herself in the crosshairs of Clinton’s supporters.

Tripp’s recordings blew the whistle on Clinton and nearly sunk his presidency – making him the second US president to be impeached. But the recordings also saw Lewinsky publicly attacked and shamed for years.

After denying the affair in a sworn deposition, Clinton was impeached on charges of obstruction of justice and perjury. He was acquitted in the Senate after a 21-day trial.

Murtha, Tripp’s attorney, later defended Tripp against charges that she had illegally recorded the conversations and the charges were eventually dismissed.

Tripp’s death Wednesday was confirmed by Joseph Murtha, her former attorney. No cause of death was given, but news reports indicated she endured a brief case of pancreatic cancer.

It feel so blessed to have befriended Linda Tripp and watch her come out of the shadows after she was traumatized by the sick media which smeared her relentlessly for exposing accused Bill Clinton. She was a fearless, patriotic warrior.

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