Walking Away from A Divorce

Yes, you heard me get a divorce from your pain, anger, hurt, fear, people, experiences and everything that had done nothing to you but keep and bring you down over and over again.


Why do you choose to stay in contact and in close relationship with all the things that had contributed into leading you to a place other than the one you had forever been envisaging for yourself?!


Why keep holding to experiences and individuals that don’t do you justice?!  That don’t appreciate you, deny you your worth, belittle you, chain you, make rumors about you and say negative things in-order to confuse you, keep you hostage, plant seeds of doubt in you even when they know how great you are, and want you and drive you to always play little/small so you can always move within their universe. People who allow you to just grow to an extent, but never ever exceed them in any anyway!


When relationships don’t function anymore, people out of love or because they are awesome individuals they try making things work, if they keep failing in making change or progress they seek a way out!


You know deep down that repeating and doing the same painful things or going through the same painful experiences repeatedly and awaiting a different result or outcome is INSANITY, so why do you choose insanity over saneness ?!


Make this your new year’s resolution, let this be your new year’s gift to yourself: GET A DIVORCE & WALK AWAY from all the things that breaks and weights you down.


Open your arms wide enough to WELCOME THE NEW YEAR and all the amazing things in store for you, GIVE LIFE A TIGHT LOVING HUG.

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