The Selfless Giants

I watched an online talk between ‘Noam Chomsky’ & ‘Yanis Varoufakis’ the former Greek Finance minister and was amazed at the state of peace, calmness and easiness that filled the talk. Prof. Chomsky didn’t seem at all in a battle to set the tone during the discussion and demonstrate who has the upper hand when it comes to knowledge & experience; he was sitting in total ease, calmly and peacefully with a self filled with confidence. I watched and noticed how he has nothing to prove for the world, not even that he’s an expert, top scholar and one of greatest intellectual figures alive. He didn’t occupy himself on showing the world that the man sitting opposite to him whom is very young has got to do a lot in order for him to catch up with him, he had let the Greek minister do much of the talking! Well that is how confident people behave!

Grow, expand, and stretch yourself to fullest range to become the best version of yourself, not to brag about it, not to impress others, not to seek approval or validation from others of/on your importance and worthiness, you are important and worthy even when no one steps forward to let you know that.

In my very humble opinion I think ‘Real Losers’ are constantly in competition with everyone! Their talks start and revolves around ‘I did this to X & Y or I defeated X & Y), what a catastrophe and misfortune to be living and leading such miserable shallow life! Their talk is hackneyed around the word ‘I’, it starts from there, moves around and ends with it!

Those people lack that blissful inner security, self confidence and awareness that comes from not perceiving or taking life as if it’s a ‘Boxing Ring’ (Muhhamed Ali Vs his opponents), where if you don’t bring down your opponent and take them down it will be you who loses!  I do really believe the ‘Tao’ wisdom that states the following:

‘Those who know don’t talk, those who talk don’t know.’

True self confidence is when you are only in competition with yourself (Am not against looking around finding role models & leaders and taking them as examples/benchmark for what one wants to become), only working and consumed by one very noble goal; ‘Being better than your former self.’ A mighty person is one whom isn’t obsessed and occupied by proving X & Y aren’t as talented as them or working indefatigably to take everyone down. Confident people aren’t sweating on showing that everyone is wrong and that the only ones who hold the keys to knowledge and can solve all problems is ‘Them’.

Those who love to be viewed/regarded as being the ‘Solo Expert’; the one who knows everything will/ may travel not so far but to some extent, but those leaders/masters/experts who work in/with teams to bring everyone to their level and to be on the top of their games, the ones who don’t mind giving the driving wheel to others, people who are not afraid that others will be praised for accomplishments that they have contributed to in huge ways will travel further, & the later kind and group of people are very important to many businesses and societies, they are the selfless giants who don’t mind that great models and people are/to built upon their shoulders.

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