Updating Your Soul Lately

Every now and then the devices that you use send you an alert with the following message:


‘There are important updates that are urgently needed to upgrade your device’, the people behind creating your device made sure that from time to time in order for your device to function and operate effectively and efficiently 100% it must be updated.


In my opinion the soul and the human begin are in desperate need for such care and attention via constantly ‘Updates’ done to them.


Some go for shallow updates, changes made on the surface, they catch the eye, and make everyone talk, and some do whatever they can at whatever cost to remain forever under the spotlight. Their updates involve; making new maintenance for the house, buying furniture or a new home, moving to another state, country, purchasing vehicles, jewellery, makeup, going on vacation, but they neglect the real work; the ‘UPDATES’ that will enable the soul and humans to function in the way they were designed to operate in by their creator. Chase your dreams, do whatever you can ethically and legally to have a live that makes you proud of you, celebrates your humanity and dignity, and never neglect the INSIDE OF YOU.


If the men behind the creation of machines have stated that ‘Updates’ is the name of the game for the full function of such devices, the lord and creator of everything also designed his creations with a more sophisticated form of updates for the soul and humans, so what type of updates have you been doing lately to rejuvenate the soul? Is it real deep work that extends to your core and produce real, last and meaningful transformations or is/was it fake superficial work that is meant to deceive others while hiding lethal flaws that may lead you and others into astray?

Inside you is the greatest temple, work on it and clear it of all mess and chaos, if the temple inside you is in order and beautiful not only will benefit you, but every soul and creature that comes across you, DO THE WORK GIVE IT ALL YOUR MIGHT, DO THE VITAL & NECESSARY UPDATES. DO IT NOW.

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