The Woman With Blue Eyes

Some people’s illiteracy is something else. Just take a look at this pretty lady with extremely beautiful eyes. Heaven knows I will give an arm and a leg to marry a lady this beautiful. Which is not why the husband abandoned her since he stayed to make the second child. I Guess One fraudulent spiritualist or cleric somewhere must have told him that his wife and children’s blue eyes indicates that they are witches and as an average African, he believed them without thinking. And to those who reason like the husband, blue eyes are a product of recessive genes, no spirits involved.

Such unique eyes. Human beings though, Tomorrow if they enter Guinness book of Record, he’ll want to attach to them.

Risikat, a mum-of-two was born with naturally blue eyes. Since it was unusual, her parents took her to the General Hospital where a series of tests were done and it was revealed that her eyes are perfect.

As she grew older, concerned people kept commenting on her eyes and advising her parents to take her for a medical checkup, while in primary school, her teachers invited her parents and asked them to take her to the hospital to check her eyes. Her parents took her to the hospital again, the doctors did tests again and told her that there is nothing wrong with her eyes and they are just naturally blue like that of a Caucasian.


She added that the doctors gave her lots of gifts and told her that they love her eyes.

The General Hospital where she went for testing always invite her when she was a child just because they were fascinated by her eyes. The relative added that the General Hospital used to “compensate” Risikat for honouring their visit.


Risikat grew older and got married. She gave birth to three girls and all of them inherited her eye colour. However, her husband had a problem with it and abandoned them as a result. He loved her with her eyes at first but after she had their first child and she was born with the same eyes, their relationship changed and it became hard to have a conversation with her husband. It got worse when she had her younger daughter.

When she had her first baby, it became difficult to have a conversation with him. Till I left with the children, we didn’t have a conversation. When she got pregnant with her second daughter, things were so hard for them that they couldn’t afford food or medical care. She began going to her parents’ home to eat and when it was time to have her child, her parents paid her hospital bills.


The second baby came out with blue eyes too and at this point, her husband’s behavior worsened. To make matters worse, his parents also expressed their displeasure with the eyes of his children.

Even his parents were asking him if he was going to keep having children with blue eyes. Things worsened as her husband began leaving home for days on end. Sometimes, he will be away for a whole week and wouldn’t leave money for his family.


She began eating at her parents’ home again. After the child’s christening, she said her parents asked her to leave her husband. She said that since she left, her husband has not shown up to ask after her or their kids.

People really don’t know the value of what they have and the major cause of this is ignorance and Education is still the key.

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