Kamala Harris Lied About This

Kamala Harris is quite a good candidate with a whole lot of experience as a protester, activist and leader. She knows a lot too much and her knowledge would be beneficial for the United States of America.

She has a linage from India and Jamaica making her an Asia America and not an Africa America or black America, who are the ones who lead the great revolution in America and not Asia America but Africa America and for Joe Biden, he must be feeling she would add great power to his will to win the white house but the Africa America votes will be split between trump and Biden and will see trump winning with a huge wide margin because the white American are with him, because he poses all elements as a candidate of white supremacy.

Kamala Harris first live presentation together with Joe Biden was filled with lots of family stories and accusation but when she mentioned that president trump stopped the spread of Ebola virus and that only 2 American died, I was so disappointed with her with the woman I felt to be the first female vice-president of the United States of America.

How can she compare Ebola virus to corona virus,  no ma, Ebola virus was only epidemic in only one continent and that was Africa and in Africa it was only highly epidemic in Liberia, sierra Leone and Dr Congo. Ebola virus was never epidemic in other continent except Africa, that’s why Africa still have the low cases of corona virus pandemic when compared to other continent. For Ebola it had been discovered in the nineties and the vaccine had already been developed but for corona virus, it is new, never been discovered before and started from china and the mode of transmission is highly contagious when compared with Ebola virus.

The symptoms of Ebola virus was highly evident and traceable but for corona virus, infected persons had the potential to spread the virus to thousands of victims before developing symptoms.

I was not happy when I heard her said president barrack Obama stopped Ebola, but the vaccine had been available before he became the president of united states, but for corona virus, there is no cure or vaccine for it and even Russia who started exporting theirs which haven’t passed stage three Trail for world health approval as a potential treatment to stop corona virus.

If she compares Ebola to corona virus I would say she lied about it or she didn’t do a proper research before making such statement.

As far as the corona virus is concerned, no one is to blame for the corona virus epidemic, it should not be used for political reason because every country both rich and poor all are suffering from the corona virus pandemic which can’t be compared to the Ebola virus God bless you for reading and God bless the united states of America.

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