The Office Girl

The following filled her head as Mr. Evil stood before her

Before you demand from others respect, make sure you aren’t treating them as a doormat or a low life,

How you treat others comes around,

For every evil you do to others KARMA is at your tails.

If you do all sorts of evil/horror/harm/abuse plus putting innocent souls through hell,


‘My son has broken his shoulder.’ The ugliest and most evil voice on planet said!

She then remembered when a foreigner visited them to check how was that branch of company was doing and him saying ‘See how she behaves, scared and confused, last night we went in middle of night to her house and woken her from her sleep, then I told her in your countries you torture us, here we do the same to you, if I don’t get what I want you will disappear.’ Her skin crawled, what kind of person talks like this and this foreigner what kind of human is she? What kind of place and people are they? She will do her best to find another job elsewhere, she is very unlike anyone here even when it comes to the entire country, she has no idea what is this all about? Why all are like this and behave in such manner. Everyone plus his country were unlike any decent thing or human that she has ever known. It was a jungle and they were cannibals above the law who had tailored laws that gives them all rights and strips all those who weren’t as powerful and evil as the rest of all their rights. Bye bye to human rights here.

When your oppressor and the evil creature who is behind all the horrors that happens to you, the lost soul that does all sorts of ill towards you shares such tales with you, you can’t GLOAT. We all pray karma makes all those who had turned our entire world upside down, the vicious souls that had ruined everything for us, the misguided souls whom had done evil to us pay for their atrocities against us, but wish no ill on those who have not wronged you, for even enmity has got ETHICS, differentiate between the OGRE and an innocent powerless child who have not harmed you.

Although Gandhi had said an eye for an eye will leave the world blind, and also Jesus had asked his followers and believers TO LOVE THEIR ENEMY, and most other religious and spiritual figures demanded the same from their believers and followers, this seems like so much to ask from those who had suffered so much, the innocent whom were oppressed and tortured by heartless heinous villains who have no faith, humanity or an ounce of shame that prevents them from putting the innocent through suffering and torture.

Some of those who went through suffering, misfortune, torture, endured so much pain and lost everything are unable to comprehend what they went through, and most of times keep asking the following question over and over again: GOD WHY ME?! WHEN WILL THIS END?!

She made sincere prayers for the kid and went on doing her tasks, everything is tough and this was another test from the lord.

Sometimes she wonders why had life chosen to deal her the tough, wrong, evil and hard cards?!  Maybe as much as she suffered in life, life has in store for her an enormous gift, one so great that it will make her forget all what she had went through her entire life.

Then she remembers ‘God never places upon your shoulder a burden he knows you’ll unable to carry.’ Every one of us gets a test from God equivalent to their ability and strength, he tests the chosen ones, the ones whom he loves the most among us with the mightiest tests like he did with our beloved prophets and messengers. We try with our very little and limited strength and patience to score an ‘A+’ in the lord’s quizzes. People pray that their life becomes blessed one free from suffering, pain, and unpleasant tests, because even prophets and messengers asked the lord to give them a life with less tough tests and free from hardships.

In spite of what others think of you, what you think of yourself is what matters the most. The boss sees her as ‘A Femme Fatale ‘ , who comes to the working place to seduce the average looking unsexy male colleagues, but truth is; she arrives every morning to earn her bread and make a living. Let them think what they think, KARMA is at the corner! Even if one is faithless there is this believe deep down in everyone’s hard ‘What goes around does come around’, the evil and suffering you place over the innocent will come back to you multiplied. Live your life by the following ‘Never do evil to anyone.’

She feels that she is an officer in the military and a religious clergy woman; she is so assertive and keeps her eyes focused on moving things as per the plan and strategy, she has no surprises in store for anyone and she hates being taken by a surprise! She loves everything to go according to the plan, she adores order and hates CHAOS! A life that is only about managing crisis after crisis is one that one should work on avoiding, enemies of all kinds who know how powerful and mighty you are will work into getting you into evil plots of all kinds, becoming the superior person is what they dread the most, they want you to live in their shadow and on the crumbs of bread that falls from their tables.


She told her closest friend of what the boss thinks of her, and his constant bizarre behaviour of faking high moral and religious attitude while truth is that he void of such qualities and attributes, she just laughed so hard and said ‘Wish he knows that most of your friends have turned their backs on you because you aren’t that much entertaining, they find you very predictable and what they want is a magician who keeps delivering them surprise after surprise!’

‘That’s not what he thinks, he thinks am Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe!’ She said in great fury.

‘I don’t know when was the last time I used an eyeliner or applied a lipstick?! She was almost yelling then added ‘And now he wants me to tailor special big gowns for work, if he is that religious why doesn’t he act in a humane civilized manner?!’ She did seem annoyed and troubled by the kind of people that surround her and by her lack of many options.

She then added ‘I bet he has sent everyone around him to a psychiatrist, his problem is that till now he hadn’t found someone who draws a red line for him on what is the do and don’ts on how to treat human begins, he is a cowardly vicious unpleasant bully, a psychopath and sociopath that commits all horrors without any regret or remorse, and then blames his victims and accuses them of all the evil that he has committed.’

‘Resign dear, you don’t seem like the girl I knew, and now you are talking just like a psychologist and psychiatrist, never let evil people win, be firm and don’t fulfil their wish to bring you down!’ Mary said to her.

‘I need the work and the money.’ She told her.

‘This is the job number what where the boss puts you through all kinds of horrors and atrocities, what is wrong with men?!’ She asked her then added ‘I think he’s having a mid life crisis and is probably in a boring marriage and he’s praying for his own ‘Sharon Stone’ somewhat, but that is not our problem, never make excuses for the evil and criminality of psychopaths and sociopaths, how on earth did such people make it to the top with all such deadly flaws and yet maintain to stay there for so long?!’

‘I don’t know.’

She then asked her which movie of hers does she think he had watched and in one voice the two of them said in unison ‘Basic Instinct’ and then they giggled for a long time so hard that their eyes were filled with tears, her friend assured her that she is a great soul and that lord and her guarding angels will protect her from all evil!

By S. J. Hassa

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