Gospel Idol Were It All Begins

Just like a plane that gradually flies off, from grass to grace, God is ready to make every interested contestant to move immediately to a higher ground with his tool of fruitfulness known as Gospel Idol.

For over the years, the gospel industry have so much waited, despite with large population of Christians spread all over the world and god is ready to breed great ministers of the Gospel to bring back souls with Music and your gifted voice.

Gospel watt is the pioneer of Gospel Idol and for the first time in history, an international reality talent show is here, were contestant all over the world would contest to $1000 plus a lucrative contract deal. The competition would be done online and contestant won’t be paying anything as entry is free.

Now if you are here to get involved and stand a chance to win, you would now be taken to Gospel Idol official page to register immediately. Click here to register>>>


For sponsorship and advert placement contact us at gospelwatt@gmail.com

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