The Monsters Trump Made

Life has a way of paying back for mistakes, sometimes we feel what we are doing is right, but at later end up realizing. That lots of damages have been done, lots of people have been hurt and mistakes committed.

Just like a friend of mine, who was lamenting seriously of how he lost all he had n just less than a minutes due to the monster the government made.

Trump is a good man, loved by many and disliked by ore, but even after his departure from the white house, he would still be celebrated and remembered as a man that brought peace , happiness and joy. Right from his commencement of his administration, he had always faced huge battle year after year from opposition, but many still liked him, because his words, tweets were so much funny and entertaining and many people liked his comics, that if he doesn’t say anything for days questions are always asked of is silence.

The goal of every politician is to have power and enjoy the dividend that comes with it, but any of them with the ideology to divide and conquer, which doesn’t work always. This method only create vacuum of enemies and monsters, who end up costing our victory.  Just like President Trump, many other politicians also do same creating enemies as a result of their actions, making them feel not so important and what you get in return are rebels, who will bring you down at all cost.

When it all started with president Trump in 2020, it all started when he made a mistake by dispersing protesters from the white house chapel, only to make a mockery of what they were demanding for, which also became the genesis of his dethronement.

He was simply reluctant his followers were large enough to bring him back to the white house. He felt the black lives matter movement and those who protested against black injustice, were not large enough to counter his own vote, which really irritated many of his followers to vote him out. They realized that the Great America was built on unity and trust, whether white or black, which became a gain for Joe Biden to use as loophole against him, gaining both full black and white support to win massively…… Continue Reading>>> Below

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