The Monsters Trump Made- 2

President Trump could have won, if he spoke as a leader against police brutality, black injustice because at that point, he needed everyone support.

Trump case is not far different from selfish leaders from other continent like Africa, who think they are doing the right thing but their effort was only giving room for more problems. When obi was narrating his story of his recent experience, that the agitation for the EndSars should have been reviewed because as soon as the special police were removed from the streets and roads lots of criminal element started cashing in on their absence big time.

All these law breakers are a monster, which those in Authority has made due to their pride, selfishness, wickedness and greediness. Trump body language says it all for his loyalist, criticizing the kneeling down during sport match and classifying such as political but as an adage says that nothing last forever, just as every beginning would always have an end or expiry date, which also applies for corrupt leaders who find more desire in becoming wealthy in office at the expense of enslaving the masses which they represent and put them to abject poverty.

Wickedness reigns all over the world more especially in Africa, were leaders in position create monsters of various kinds and these monsters end upbringing hell to the masses, while those who created them, stay in their fancy bullet proof house cars, office and insurance.

These monsters are a time bomb, because as they grow in strength and numbers, it is only a matter of time before they break the defense system of those who created them.

As obi continued narrating of how he was robbed in broad day light, saying these set of criminals directed him to a bus which loads more than 10 states, s as soon as he entered their bus every of his belongings was collected from him, as they were more than 20 uniformly working with their evil view more than 15 persons both male and females were all robbed.

These passengers and many more people are a victim of these monsters, which bad leadership and government created.

Even when Trump leaves office, he needs to prove to the monster he created, that he has repented and no more a divider but now a great leader, who has learnt from his mistakes and had made appropriate changes to now be accepted by all.

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