The Evil Man

He likes to fart in public;especially in male populated zones,maybe he thinks it’s some type of especial,rare & unique frankincense!

Have I told you yet of his bad breathe,oh my lord,you can’t stand ten feet near him,police who want to control masses,paralysis them ,can  start using it, makes you faint & causes many destructive things to your system!

To make things worse,he got two wives,how on earth did he manage to do so! One would have thought after the first wife, word of mouth would had spread quickly,killing all his hopes thus stopping further damage to any other female!

But maybe it is a “No Kiss” relationship & the threesome are all living happily ever after ,who knows!

All his jokes were vulgar,& one must accustom himself or herself to his strange manners,men enjoyed having him around,but am sure many females didn’t.

One day he walks past a female & shows her something in his hands,she wasn’t paying attention & then hysterically goes on saying:” Do you know what this is?”

The poor female looks at him saying she isn’t aware,he says”Those are condoms!”

The poor female asks him if any of his wives is around or if any will be visiting him today,he says nothing & leaves her winking.

Then to her surprise he pops out of no where & tells her of his absurd theory, most certainly he is the only one who discovered its existence,he says:” The eastern regions gave us nothing but whores & mad mullah’s.”

She looks at him,& moves past him saying:” What ever ill the eastern parts had brought into existence amount to nothing compared to your nastiness & evilness ,& am sure that makes western regions the axis of evil,PLEASE keep that privilege to yourself,no one else will be competing with you.”

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