The Bitter Divorce

She wanted a simple, romantic, chic split, to be more precise; pleasant, just as the way the two of them had met, but hey this is the twenty first century, everything must be dramatic, drastic, & catastrophic! & that’s exactly where Yara’s divorce from her 10 year husband is heading to. Sometimes she just feels ashamed for not giving this marriage another try, don’t it deserve such effort?!

She looks at herself in the mirror & ask herself what are you saying a simple, romantic, & classy divorce, who’re you kidding?! There’s nothing like that, maybe there’re some divorces this might be true for, but most of them end up badly with a lot of broken bones & blood on the floors of the courts!

Why not give it another try, for the sake of the great love she once shared with this man, for the great old day’s sake, for the vows, & for the sake of everything, why not?! Deep down she knows what’s the perceived image that the society holds for women like her; divorcee, she don’t want to add to long queues of those women who suffer on multiple levels, from husbands, families & their societies just because they had put an end to their misery. If she’s any honest at all there’s nothing to fight for, there’s nothing to save, this marriage had went into comma many years ago & was kept alive by living on life supporting machines, time to unplug all the cables & let it finally rest, that’s if she got any self respect & dignity remaining in her, or does all what she want to do is to keep this pain & bleeding going on, to swallow more & more of her till it finally kills & buries her?!

Yara looks at her own sad reflection in the mirror & says ‘You know just as love killed Romeo & Juliet, heartbreak kills too, act now & save yourself.’

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