The Big and Small thieves

I’m speechless because poverty has led an avalanche of people astray, but all the same poverty is not the suitable option and so, let’s choose our cards wisely as the corona virus pandemic had really thrown a lot into harm’s way and the only resort to doing the wrong thing.

This is a Case of Hunger. The People should Caution the Woman and Give her some food to eat and take Home but instead they turned her to camel, you can clearly see a big bag of cassava she stool which she loaded herself, from one person farm land on her head. This punishment seems better than killing or flogging her. At least Next time she won’t steal what isn’t hers.

Chi, A vibrant married lady without disability was caught stealing cassava from someone farm who also struggle to cultivate the farm. She was made to carry the cassava on her head and was paraded round the village as she has to bear the heavy pain on her neck and shame of her act.

Is the villager’s right or wrong for such jungle justice. Jungle justice or mob justice is a form of public extrajudicial killings in Sub-Saharan Africa, where an alleged criminal is humiliated, beaten or summarily executed by a crowd or vigilantes. The comeuppance is well deserved and commensurate with the crime or would you have preferred she got stripped while being parade.

I blame her for stealing, Instead of begging, I think she’s an unbeliever, I know they will justify stealing and blame hunger because of where she hails from. Nobody is commenting on the losses she is incurring on farmers who might be on loans. What made the farmers plant at all? When people are going to farm, she will either be sleeping or gossiping. Imagine bringing such loss to a single fellow and for sure it is not a first time, just imagine waiting for your harvest and detecting your Labor for the year is in vain!

What caught my attention during her parade was the brown roof from the East of the Niger, She’s lucky they didn’t lynch her though, Imagine she want to reap where she didn’t sow, and those stealing billions are left alone or worshipped, And a senator from her state, who looted his state when as governor, gets warm reception whenever he travelled to her state. That’s nice of them, But if governor and other politicians who have stolen the Commonwealth of these villagers visit their village, what will happen? Will they be disgraced like they have done to this woman or would they be hailed and praised?

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