Her Heart Desires 2

Arthur loved dogs, Marilyn loved cats & they agreed that it will be a ‘No pet marriage’, but soon after she became pregnant with their first child ‘Markus’,  he brought a little dog ‘Shih Tzu’ & named it ‘Rufus’, he said he will keep an eye on the baby & keep his company. For the first time on earth she saw Arthur capable of loving someone & something, he dedicated much of his time, that he spent on making wealth & lots of money on the two of them, the time which he nearly didn’t spend any of it with his wife except on rare occasions, he spent time with them & on them. & she saw him becoming a child, a peaceful creature, not the aggressive, obsessive, abusive, emotionless, heartless husband; he became all of a sudden a loving parent to his son & his dog.


Marilyn hated the dog, hated it so much, to the extent that when her husband wasn’t around, she never allowed Rufus to stay indoors. Markus was just like his father; he loved the very beautiful dog so much, even more than his mommy, & that made her hate the dog more.


When Markus was four he asked his mother one day why Rufus isn’t allowed to be them when his father was away?

She said to him ‘Dogs inside the house bring bad luck!’

Markus didn’t understand, smiled innocently & never asked her again because since that incident he spent most of his time outdoors with Rufus while his mother spent her time on shopping & on her friends.


All went well till the day her son nearly drowned in the swimming pool & Rufus died rescuing her son. When Arthur found out what happened, & also that Rufus was not allowed to remain inside the house when he isn’t around, when he finally discovered what kind of a sick woman he’s married to, he couldn’t stay married to her any more.


As he was leaving he said  ‘Because of Markus & Rufus I wanted to be a better man, they made me realize that life was more than money, those little creatures helped me understand things, things that the two of us never knew they existed, they gave me unconditional love, I despised me every day, they found in me something to love, when you failed to love anything in me except the life & luxury I offered you, they loved me even when I’s incapable of loving me. Why Marilyn did you fail to grasp the message of love that Rufus was trying to teach you?!’

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