Tempted to rape

The world is consumed in rage and terror, but one of such which can’t be swallowed easily is rape. Which was where I got my inspiration to write, because it was an reoccurring issue, as I regularly go online to read on latest news only to find rape as top news every time. It was unbearable for me to withhold and I soon became tired of it, as news on rape never stopped and I saw it as a daily digest on my favorite news brand. This gave rise to my book titled “TEMPTED TO RAPE”. Writing this book was my only option, I could express how I feel about it, how a rape victim feels, how a rapist feels, how world leaders established rape menace and possible recommended solutions. This book is very educative, mind blowing and promises to make you feel and benefit the worth of reading it.

The unprecedented uproar of rape is gradually slipping into a cultural phenomenon, instead of a criminal practice. As the world is changing at a fast pace, rape is also increasing at the same pace. It is very difficult for a week to pass; you don’t record any case of rape. It is a dirty act that affects both the victim and the accused at different ways. The accused feel satisfied committing such an act and leaving victim to feel terrible for his or her predicament. It is often occasional to record any issues related to rape in the earl ages before civilization prompt started technological revolution. It didn’t stopped, but technological revolution ushered in a monster, which made pornography available and accessible for both young and old to get immediately. Pornography known no bound or age despite its restriction of eighteen years and above, children never stopped watching it because it was very natural and interesting to watch as if it was a special meal that was prepared to suite ones hunger taste. This have polluted, the mind of people to fall in love with it, but how can a person keep on passive aroma of a food for too long, he must have to follow his hunger instinct to quench it.

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I’m in a very emotional condition at the moment. I’ve been crying since morning. I’ve not left my house, not even for church. I’ve lost the will to live, all because of what happened yesterday evening.

I’ve been dating this guy for two months. I thought he was a great guy. He was always nice to me, smart and hard-working. I lost my virginity at the age of 18 in University and it was to someone that just wanted to have sex with me. He lied about loving me. All he wanted was sex and when he had his way he abandoned me and dated another girl in my department. Since then I’ve had a fear of relationships, most importantly of sex. I vowed to only have sex with someone I was going to marry; someone I was certain loved me.

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