Tempted to rape 2

When I met my boyfriend, I thought he was the one. We vibed well and we were both in the same field of work. Everything seemed to click. I opened up to him about my experience and my decision to have sex only when I was ready. He agreed and said he was going to respect my wishes.

Yesterday he visited me at my apartment. This wasn’t the first time he was visiting me. We paid each other visits all the time. This time he brought a bottle of wine with him. I prepared food, we both eat and he served us some wine. The last thing I remember is taking few sips and then everything else is blurry.

Next thing I am waking up by 8am this morning with a severe headache, cramped legs and a sore feeling around my vagina. There was something that looked like dried semen on my left thigh and some around my breast. I could also perceive the scent of his perfume on my body. He raped me. The man that claimed to love me raped me. I haven’t spoken to anyone since morning, all I’ve been doing is crying. My phone has been on silent all day.

I want to report him to the police but first I want to look at his face and ask why he would do this to me. I already planned on having sex with him soon. Why couldn’t he wait? I want to involve my parents and his parents as well but I don’t want this news to spread and take a hit on my reputation. I’m confused about what to do.

Why are men like this? I feel defiled and violated. My mind has been constantly flooded with suicidal thoughts all day. If I make it through this, I’m done with relationships forever.

Today people more especially men feel unsatisfied with one lady and so, indulge to have more and more and when there is not any lady left to feed on, hunger sets in and when it becomes unbearable to hold, raping any lady available is the only solution to their hunger. Whether it is a newborn baby or child, a rapist don’t want to know, all in its agenda and mind is to actually its urge, to feel better and stop the sex hunger.

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