No One Can Silence Me

Am a woman, I’ll call myself ‘A Global Citizen’ who for the time being lives in a place called ‘Somaliland’ (Where am bullied, harassed, abused, and harmed every single day. I haven’t went out now for months because of the bullying and abuse that happens to me. I’ve forgotten how the street looks like, miss even the fresh air and walking, but I’m afraid that they will do all the bad things the people do to me whenever I’m in public.’)

Perhaps when all the abuse, harm, & harassment stops I can then claim to be a survivor of ‘Sexual Harassment’. As a result from the sexual harassment, bullying, harm and from the different kinds of abuses I became disabled , with many various dangerous injuries through a tragic accident that happened to me in 2009 in Egypt, Cairo.  (All this was because of men who worked for big ‘Multinational Firms’ who all now are leading great lives, others were ordinary guys who too are living merry lives, just like Bill Clinton is leading a merry life when he harassed and assaulted many women (& there’re so many other creatures like him too in every country (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Silvio Berlusconi and many others.)

I thought all the tragedies that I went through when I came to this place called Somaliland will end, but unfortunately that didn’t stop or end, I went again through so many new kinds of harassment and abuses.

When I stood up for myself and reported some of the people who were harming me, a close friend to the men who were doing the harm who has been leading the investigation along with other people stated that none of my claims seem to be accurate (This just didn’t occur once, me trying to end harassment & abuse,  & then everyone taking the side of the perpetrator, it happened many times). As a result of that injustice, harm, abuse and harassment, I’m now unemployed for almost three years.

The sad part is that within a society like mine where I live, due to clan ties, patriarchy , traditions and that all the society is kind of relatives one way or another, and because am a woman not having as much power, ties, links, and wealth as the men who assaulted me, I became the ‘DISPOSABLE LIFE’, am the disabled harassed poor woman with no status that can be simply rid off for good. I have been through many different forms of abuse, harm, harassment, and injustice of all kinds since a very young age and I pray that the Lord does aid me and serve justice, amen.

I live with people who say they’re my family, but they beat, bully, harass, & abuse me. I’m the eldest one in the family, helped raise the kids with a woman who calls herself my mother but she’s anything other than a mother, worked outside the home to help them financially, when my father would want to beat her I intervened , & I’s the one who was beaten, I took all the hits instead of her, she & they had forgotten all this and every time they beat, bully, harass, abuse me & threaten that they will kick me out of the house as am unemployed.

The boys I carried & raised as babies now when they became grown up men beat me by orders from the woman who calls herself my mother (The woman I took all the hits aimed at her instead of her, worked more than one job to help feed her kids, & worked also inside the home) and by orders of another spoiled rich girl in the family.

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