Filled with hatred Towards Women and Girls

Why when a girl does something odd by the standards set by a patriarchal society, one filled with hatred and prejudice for/towards women and girls, they blame all the ancestral women of that girl/woman on her deeds?!

The deed can be very trivial , but made into a gigantic stuff by the society we have mentioned above, and because the person being accused is simply a woman/girl?

Ever heard Beyonce song ‘If I Were A boy?’,  in one of the lines she says ( And I’d never get confronted for it),  it’s true men do all horrors and we clap our hands for them, and then let them get away with everything!

Why when a woman/girl tells a man about her feelings or that he is handsome she is labelled as ‘Loose’?

Why that same man/boy who labelled that girl as ‘Loose/Nut’ case for expressing her feelings is labelled as ‘Manly/Courageous’ for being able to express himself/feeling or doing whatever he wants?!

I’ve seen many boys/men yelling ‘Am a man/boy’ I can do what I want, where is that written? In the ‘Holy Book or Constitution’?

Oh, speaking about the constitutions/laws, did you know that in some Muslim countries men can walk away with sentences for adultery and women can simply be falsely accused, and the sole witness can be only the husband, she can be be framed because her husband feels so, or because she caught him doing a nasty thing and hence he turned the table against her! So sometimes even the constitution/law can be against women/girls!

Why does a society has double standards, one for girls/women; which in most cases is cruel /unjust , and then kinda of soft/merciful one for men/boys?!

And how did those women who have seen so much injustice, hatred, prejudice, other ill from their societies end raising the men/boys we see everywhere committing many horrors?!

And how did the boy who have seen what his Mama had went through, do all such ill towards other women/girls?! A mama who was/is denied from all her rights, humanity and whom had been subjected to many ill and wrong!

How didn’t he end fighting for women/girls rights, and ended joining the rest of the society in committing human rights violations towards women and girls?!

Women pay attention for the boys/men you’re raising, for they can become the men whom later on many women will be suffering from, same also goes for the world.

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