Lost In Her 2

Sam was the hottest male on the construction site & to make things harder for him; the boss on the site was a female in her fifties by the name Helen Macdonald. This is no place for a woman he said to himself every day. She used to be a pain in the neck, but with time they became friends & they would chat about everything, about how one of her relatives gave her this job after her husband becoming disabled in an accident.

‘It’s the least I can do.’ She said ‘This had been very hard for him, he’s a very proud man & still is, it’s hard for him in every way, being cared for by his woman & also being fed by her.’

‘I’m doing it for love, not because it’s a duty.’ She looked to Sam & her eyes were filled with tears & said ‘ We fight every day, I understand why, so as you see I spend all day at site, or else huge withdrawals will be taken from our bank of love & am afraid that one day we’ll run out of love.’

Sam understood her sometimes & but didn’t understand her most of times as he never knew what was it like to have parents or how would their fight look like!

So what he did most of times was just listen & she’s very grateful for that, it did help her as she often said.

‘Hey, little Sam why don’t grab the two of us some coffee?! It’s on me.’

She handed him some money & then said ‘There’s a nice cafe by the end of the street it’s called (Serendipity).’

Sam went off down the road & found the cafe & went in , it was a very astonishing place, with bookshelves, a kids zone, it carried a friendly & family air around it, family he said to himself, do you even know what this means?! You’re new to family feeling dude take a grab on yourself. He stood there to make his order, a voice said (Hello) sending an electric current through his whole body.

He gazed to see who was it that had suddenly turned his world upside down, & he wished he never had done that. He was gazing into most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen, the most beautiful face, hair & mouth, & he couldn’t say a single word.

Samantha was looking into the most beautiful face, bluest eyes, face, hair & man she had ever seen  ‘Hello!’ she said again & hoped she didn’t sound like a teenage girl who had just met her crush!

Sam was trying to clear his fogged brain & wondered if he can talk, much to his surprise he was able talk ‘Hi’ he said

‘How can I help you?!’ she asked, ‘What did she think he’d say; can we go out for a date?! Of course he will order some coffee & something else!’ she said to herself

He gave her his order, once he had his coffee, he took it without ever looking back!

Sam called after him to wait for the change, but he just vanished!

She remained all day at the cafe thinking of those eyes, face & man, until she went to bed.


Sam gave Helen the coffee, she smiled at him & said ‘I hope you didn’t lose your way! You didn’t get lost, did you?!’

He left her to join the other workers & screamed over his shoulder without looking back at her ‘No.’ Then said to himself ‘But I hope that I didn’t lose my heart or maybe I just did!’

Throughout the day he kept thinking of the woman he just met, the voice, eyes, hair, mouth & everything about her, some of her scent is still on his hands from her handing him the coffee!

Samantha spent the next few days in anxiety & anticipation, & her friend & partner sensed something is wrong with her ‘Whenever you feel like talking am all ears!’

‘I don’t think you’re fine, the way you keep staring at that door as if something is about to happen. I can’t tell if it’s something great or catastrophic!’She said

Sam looked at Cassie smiled half a smile & said ‘It’s not such a big thing, & it will go away.’

Cassie took her hands & looked intensely into her eyes ‘Do you want it to go away?’

Sam didn’t reply & instead went back to work.


At the house & the site everyone sensed something was wrong with Sam & this wasn’t the man everyone knew.


Helen told him one morning ‘Just because am the boss doesn’t mean I can’t listen to you if you feel like talking!’

She touched his shoulder in a kind way & said ‘I have one daughter & you’re the son I wish I had, come talk to me if you want to.’


Sam found herself walking down the street in an unknown territory, even this is new to her, & then asked herself what was she doing?! She is wandering in the streets looking for a man she doesn’t even know! What will she tell him?! What will he think of her?! What if he’s married?! What if he got other sexual preferences & he’s not into women?! She said she’d ask him for his number & then send him this little clip from the movie of (PS: I Love You) where Lisa Kurdow is in a bar & asks guys if they are married, work & whether or not they are into women!

She was just about to return from where she came, when she saw him beside an old woman in a construction site, he was working on something, & it was like she’s giving him orders & directions, & there were some other men working too.

She walked till she was on the site, stood next to Helen & looked at her,  & said again the word that made him crazy about her in the same tone ‘Hello, am Sam, I work in a nearby cafe.’ She shook her hand with Helen.

Helen smiled in a motherly fashion ‘Am Helen the boss around here, nice to meet you.’

When Helen left them, Samantha looked to Sam & there’s a rainbow of things on his face & in his eyes (Happiness, anger, defeat, victory & interest).

She smiled shyly, searched her bag, & then handed him the rest of his money ‘You forgot to take them the other day or maybe to be more accurate where you didn’t even wait to take them.’

Their hands touched, & his were the roughest, & most manly hands that ever touched her hands or skin, he was terrifyingly handsome, manly & call her a fool , she felt that he’s a good man too!

She was looking at him as if her whole universe was centred on him & as if her fate lies within his hands.

‘Thanks, there’s no need.’ He said in a breathless tone ‘You see that isn’t a place to invite a fine lady like you to, maybe we can have some coffee someday at your place if your boss doesn’t mind, would that be okay with you?!

She looked around her, everything was a disaster, they’re working on something big around here, but they’re at the very beginning, & the men seemed exhausted from hard labour, he was like a total mess, but still handsome.

‘My place is fine, I’d like that.’ she said, she didn’t want to drive him away by telling him that she owns a portion of the cafe.

‘Your place would be fine.’ He repeated after her, they then shook hands this time a little longer, while they kept gazing in each other’s eyes & with that both of them went back to their work happily. They knew something beautiful had just blossomed between the two of them & they were both eager to see where will it lead them to.


Helen stood looking at them from afar, happy that Sam had found something that would make him look forward to life, something to call his own, & make his heart content.


She prayed it doesn’t break his heart.

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