Den Of Killers

Mercy never had mercy when she decided to take along trip to hell without telling anyone. Life had never been fair to her, she lost her parents at a very tender age, first she lost her father when she was still a baby and as if that was not enough her mother abandoned her when she was only eleven month old, only remaining a month to make her one year and right since then she had been staying with her aunty.

Mercy wanted the best life has to offer and right till her age of 24, she still dreamt of such. Her aunty knew her frustration to get a better life after passing through so much abusive relationship that produced a son. The father of his son promised her heaven on earth, and ended up sweet talking her to open her heart and two legs to her, that is what he wanted chewing her sweet fruit and after she got pregnant, the whole story changed. Mercy always reminded him of the promises, he made to her but he was not interested to hear it anymore and each day, if they were not quarrelling, they would always fight. There is always misunderstanding each time, but she made a promise to herself, she will not toll the lane of her parents, not to abandon her child and so she left his house and returned to stay with her aunty.

Mercy works day and night for all sort of jobs to make sure she takes care of her child and family. So one day her friend Sandra brought a news to her about an opportunity she received to travel to Italy, free of charge and work to earn great money that would give her the future she desires. She made up her mind to join her friends to travel to Italy but first they need to meet their sponsor in Lagos but failed to tell her aunty about it.

So in the morning, she left, she dropped a written note with all her savings, letting her known she had travelled abroad and she would communicate with her when she gets to Italy.

It was great meeting as many other girls were also there with them, they were offered cold chilled juice and amazing fast food, without knowing their food and drink were all tempered, they all slept and the next time they opened their eye was in a thick bush  surrounded by armed macho men.

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