Den Of Killers 2

As each day pass, they were subjected to extensive suffer, given three loaves of bread to be eaten for 3 days with no clean water to drink only fir a dirty water in the forest they had access to. The sex abuse by those wicked men never stopped but continued and those who could not continue, died and their body was butchered into several parts and to rirualist, women who delivers baby in the forest, won’t see their child anymore as her child is taken from them and also sold to rirualist, those who refused to be slept with are bitten and still get rapped, in fact no one comes out alive, every knows their only faith is death.

Young ladies kept dying each month and more new ones are brought into the forest. Mercy whispered to her friend telling her of her determination to escape from the forest and don’t mind if she dies on the process because it was better to die on the process than get raped each day, seeing her child in her womb taken from her and sold to ritualist. So her friend told few of the ladies and those who were determined were ready to escape. So one night the whole guards were all asleep after drinking to stupor, the ladies left and ran throughout the night, her best friend died on the way inside the forest with only a few survivning.

Today she delivered another child after enduring series of rape which got her pregnant and she is having psychological issues, she is no more herself filled with fear and the experience and disappointment is still fresh in her memory.

Everyone who heard this story have been so sorrowful about it, this story is not complete and won’t be complete if we don’t shoot this story or make a movie. We want to make a movie on this story as we are currently working on it. Our budget for this movie is $12,000. We don’t have the money both we know your little donation with that of others would enable us get the needed funding to make this movie, so young ladies like mercy won’t fall for such gimmicks or human traffickers are using.

Please let’s stop this ugly trend and wickedness as you make a donation no matter how little it might be, we would be grateful.

You can make your donation in Bitcoin to our Bitcion address @ 1H2hLsVSHb23h14opqRTJphRCQPCBVsKFY

If you feel like reaching us, you can reach us @

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