Bullies Of Great America

Life have never been fair with the blacks right from day one; they have always struggled to attain reasonable strides. Yet I consider this as an excuse because they all have been part of the unworthy system, which they all jointly created with their minority. Now is the time to claim for this unworthy system overhaul.

George Floyd is now a celebrity and a hero, just so painful, he didn’t live to enjoy the fame he is receiving and respect accord to him, because he was such a giant always on the field hustling to put food on the table and live a better life only to be bullied to death by our police officers. It is a guess, they were all threatened by his appearance and with the high level of dislike running through their vein, they committed murder feeling it was a duty to eradicating criminals out of their domain, but it was wrong of them, but it’s not still good to point accusing fingers to them all, but we all are bullies in our own ways, both the whites, blacks and the father of them all are the politicians, who take such opportunities to score point but they are  part of the system, they were once in control in various respective government position at some point of their life’s and they were supposed to make changes, but now they are all throwing stones at a glasshouse just because they want to run back to power, but everyone is watching to know they have secrets in their cupboards, action they took against the people who voted them and those even in power are also more responsible for today’s system change but they are struggling to make such because they too are finding ways to score political points in order not to succumb to pressure to give out political point to their political rivalries.

Bullying can both be physical and psychological, what the police did was a physical bullying because of their hatred towards the black man. George Floyd has long gone but the four police officers are now suffering the aftermath of the event, I now pity them so much because, they are now suffering from psychological bullying and their family would also be suffering psychological too, their sons who were once authorities in forces, instigating fear in people who dare want to mess with them, but now they will all be in hibernation, more vulnerable knowing fully well everyone would want to bully them.

I guess if those police officers had a rethink before engage in their dirty actions, and how they will now be in tight position with their life at stake, they might not have made that mistake to commit murder. For them to do such it probably entails, it was not their first time with such action and so felt nothing will happen.

President Trump is not doing badly, his problem is that he happens to be a trumpet, which is always loud to cause excessive disturbance. Imagine getting those sound directly into your ears, his words are quite bullying sometimes and china are actually suffering a dose of his outburst but now he is always subdued by his friend Joe Biden, who was a product of the last administration, that brought a whole lot of changes to our natural selection, with man marrying man and woman marrying woman and innocent babies flushed out by the string.

The clamor is on for a systemic change in the police, who both barrack Obama and Joe Biden are all suggesting in their various speech, and online lectures but they saw all these, and where in better position to make these reforms but why bully Trump to spear head these reforms, which is now politics as usual just to score more acceptability to electorates.

The trumpet no more need to be played as everyone is really complaining of the noise, snap chat and twitter are all blocking the ears of the listeners from listening from the sound and simply directing their eyes to somewhere else since their ears are now blocked.

Bullying is now becoming an order of the day with protesters bullying police and them getting sacked or penalized, none of them want to go to prison or lose their jobs but instead accept to be bullied. Trump is also bullying everyone with his words and igniting those land mines somewhere in their brains to explode and cause unrest, with barrack Obama and Joe Biden both as well bullying him, whenever he drops his words.

The system needs change that don’t permit any form of bullying, seeing everyone as equals with no color difference but with a sense a acceptability that we all are humans, with various diverse characters, but we all can know each other better, if we take time to understand each other and giving ourselves reciprocal respect without the need of wealth, color and stature. You are not a bully, I am not a bully and the whole world will be a better place, if there are no bullies.

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