What Makes Us Unique

Every person grows to become unique, not as if we are born with it but during our course of life, we develop those characters, knowledge, altitude, wisdom and temperament to become unique. We must give ourselves, the opportunity to learn, we must not be afraid to fail or be disappointed because its part of the process to become unique tomorrow, even top personalities like bill gate failed at some point because failure is part of the process, it has a way to redefine our character to succeed.

In discovering our uniqueness, we must identify our strength and weakness; work more on improving on our strength and more on diminishing away our weakness. Many people make so many mistakes like in business, carrier, education but we shouldn’t fail in our health.

Health is wealth, because it’s bigger than millions in our bank account, as many get hooked up to bad life styles, which affect them in the future. Life style like womanizing, alcoholism, drug addiction, disobedience to body weight management. All these play role in rendering one less important.

Living a life of impact and letting people see what positive you have to offer should be your unique goal.

The are several ways to be unique

  1. Dressing perfectly, attractive and distinctive: paying attention to what we wear makes people admire and notice us, as no one will take us serious if we dress shabby and cheap.
  2. Learning more and more: knowledge is never wasted, knowing more makes moves us a step further above others. When you know more, you attract a lot of mentees, who would want to learn from you. Don’t say this field is not meant for me, if you have the opportunity to learn, put your heart to learn no matter how difficult it might be, because when you acquire so much skill and knowledge, it will make you unique, respectable and attract lots of admirers.
  3. Self-control and moderation: when we start attracting so much persons, we can’t tell who really love us or not, or there to destroy your personality. As men and women, you would be exposed to the opposite sex and if you fail to exhibit self-control, our enemies can use that to tarnish our image. One little mistake can cause a damage that can last forever, your uniqueness destroyed and many don’t often recover from such and so it’s very important to use our third sense of reasoning when dealing with people generally because not everyone mean well for us.
  4. Spoken words: words play a major role to define, who we are. The kind of words we say, the kind of speech we make and when we say it, we need to let everyone know why we said it because if we say the wrong words or make the nasty speech, it will piss off so many and we can’t be losing so many followers, when we should be gaining. Avoiding dirty words, as it is better not to talk at all but instead think on what to say before saying it because our silence is our greatest power and when we decide to talk, it will be very attractive.
  5. Eye control and confidence: the top of your uniqueness is your self-confidence and your eye to eye contact play a major role in making you unique, when you look into the eyeball of others they tend to respect you more, but if you take your eyes from them they sense fear in you. So always stand tall with less pride.

There are so many unique ways to strengthen our uniqueness and it will be great, if you drop your own contribution in review, contribution and addition before we make final publication.

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