Watch How Trump Was Almost Hurt

In What appeared to be a tight argument and counter accusation , president trump Guts was almost hurt just like my fellow Kung Fu master that got his balls hurt, feeling the pain but hiding the feelings outward but deep inside really hurt. Trump and his party has been the center of political gains as Opposition parties are using the corona death disappointment to discredit his effort and this interview almost wrecked his balls but was very bold and intelligent to bully the bullies.

The US has become the first country in the world to record more than 2,000 corona virus deaths in a single day.

President Donald Trump had also said he expects the US to see more lower death toll than the initial predictions of 100,000 fatalities, adding: “We’re seeing clear signs that our aggressive strategy is saving countless lives”.

It Seems like those reporters drank a red bull before the rally tonight. It’s about time he’s shown to be the fraud he is.

Great Job by this journalist. Treating Trump like a rope-a-dope. Love it! Just like Trump doesn’t like the pressure and the line of questioning just change the narrative!

Watch Video Here

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