The Future Of House Of Dragons

HBO officially announced in January 2020 that the Game of Thrones prequel starring House Targaryen would be called House of the Dragon. For the Time been, House Targaryen is very much affiliated with dragons, going all the way back to Aegon the Conqueror’s fire-breathing conquest over the seven kingdoms where House of the Dragon picks up.

The beginning of House of the Dragon will date back to roughly 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones. That might seem like a while back, but it’s actually much more recent history than the canceled Naomi Watts prequel show, which was set to take place “thousands of years” before Game of Thrones and explore the early history of ancient houses as well as the origin of the White Walkers.

Considering Nature of Westerosi societies were very much thriving, and turbulent as ever, during the timeline containing House of the Dragon, expect to see political inter workings akin to Game of Thrones explored in the prequel series. Whereas the canceled prequel would’ve more likely focused primarily on fantasy elements, House of the Dragon is based on a book very much centered around ancestral hierarchies, warring nations, and a massive civil war. That should equate to a prequel series more similar to Game of Thrones, a show as much about dragons as the dark underbellies of society and the ruling class.

As of yet, no news on House of the Dragon casting has been revealed. We know there will be lots of Targaryens, as well as members of other houses within Westeros and possibly Essos, but as to who will fill those shoes, we can only fantasize.

The book for House of the Dragon is based on, titled Fire and Blood, which features a lineup of Targaryen rulers from Aegon I to his sons, Aenys I and Maegor I, all the way up to Aegon III. We expect plenty of silver-haired dragon riders to take the reign as casting details open up in the (presumably) near future.

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