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Many fans are really reacting after listening to the “ I Cant Breathe” Album to which Sylvia Forche was included, if you haven’t played it today, you can take the advantage to play and give your reaction about it, so Play Now>>

we recently asked Sylvia Forche to provide answers to questions you will really love and it also gives you the ideal to know what she is thinking now.

Here Goes It:

1. The “I Cant Breathe” Album is out, and how do you feel after listening to it

Answer: The “I can’t breathe album” wow so amazing the collections are wonderful. When I first listened to it, I was so impressed. A lot of variety on board, it is so awesome.

2. what are your friends, fans and family all saying about it.
Answers: They are so excited with a lot of questions on their minds searching for answers especially when the trailer was out it was a commotion, in fact traffic jam on my whatsapp page.
3. the ” I Cant Breathe album Name was selected because of the popularity it drew and there was need to put God in it and take advantage of the social strength it pulled all over the world after the murder of George Floyd, but how was your reaction after you watched the video of George Floyd begging for his life.
Answers:  At first, when I heard of what had happen it was just normal, but when I watched the video on Facebook I felt like life in general meant nothing to some people. I saw a man submitting to another man begging for his life that’s when I understood that this air we breathe and take for granted is really not in our keeping. But seeing a man taking another man’s life, it was really out of place.
4. A report by an independent jury revealed findings that George Floyd Said ” I Cant breathe” For 20 times but the police officer ignored, whats your thought about it and if you are in position as a judge, what judgement would you want to pass to those accused police officer.
Answers:  Well if I were to stand at the stand point of God or see the way god sees I will have to let that man who killed George free, yes because God is mercy and the death of Jesus covered all. In the other way if I were to stand to judge at a human point of view, that police officer don’t only need to rot in jail but to die by a life sentence either hanging or any other means. Life is so precious to be wasted by anything.
5. Racism and Oppression have really spark rage all over the world after the death of George Floyd, where do you think the Human race got it wrong and what remedy would you recommend as solution.
Answers: Well the human race had it wrong many years ago, when we read in the book of Genesis how man sinned. Amazingly when Jesus died everything was corrected in his onetime death, burial and resurrection. Man has just one responsibility in this world, to function in that victory that Christ had purchased for us because in Jesus the Father sees all men as saved. The human race has gone wrong in that she has refused to accept what Jesus did for her and turns to apply her own wisdom which God terms it foolishness. Sin entered into this world by one man Adam and death by sin; and death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned Roms 5:12(msg) and verse 19( msg translation) says one man said yes to God and put many in the right. You see we are the ones destroying the world unless we as children of God rise up with the Christ gospel telling man that God is no more angry and that he had forgiven us and stop preaching judgmental massages, people won’t see God as love but as a God who is ready to send them to hell if they do the slightest error. God is love; we should portray him as such.
6. the Coming weeks, comes with lot of Interviews from you, what words of encouragement do you have for your fans.
Answers:  To my fans I will tell them despite everything happening in this world right now the quickest killer disease is FEAR. The bible tells us ”Fear not”, because God knew the worlds system will always portray situations that will cause fear. So to my fans I will tell them fear not for God has your back and that God is the Greatest Love and Best Lover of all times. He never fails trust me he never fails.

Thank you so much for reading, dont forget to Play The “I Cant Breathe” Album Play Now and remember we love and we are bringing up a Discussion Forum Known as “The Flow” so you can join the conversation, to simply tell us what you are passing through, how you are overcoming your obstacles and questions you might want us to ask the Artist, who were featured in the “I Cant Breathe” Album by simply using our hashtag both on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #theflow


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