Supreme Veto Winner

Here is how vote was shared in week 2, the top four performance video were given additional vote plus vote cast by fans. so its always important to vote each day and each hour, below is how vote was shared in week 2>>

  1. Nadine {Fans Vote= 994} + {performance Vote=150} =1144
  2. Tobi {Fans Vote= 638} + {performance Vote= 500}=1138
  3. Wasa {Fans Vote=657} + {Performance Vote=50}=707
  4. Stephen {fans Vote=557}=557
  5. Lawlah {Fans Vote=419}=419
  6. Omobolanle {Fans Vote=400}=400
  7. Kislon {Fans Vote=93} + {Performance vote=300}=393
  8. Debbie {Fans Vote=262}=262
  9. Valour {Fans Vote=21}=21
  10. Kachi{Fans Vote=2}=2
  11. Mikolomighty {Fans Vote=1}=1
  12. I-Cee {Fans Vote=0}=0


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