Rightness Of Comparison Between The Corona Virus Pandemic and Pharaoh

Excellent Day, its so great to have you today and something happened and felt it needs to be argued upon. I meet a man of God recently and we were both talking about the corona virus and although he looked interested but was not concerned about it, because he believes as a Christian, that the corona virus is not for the children of God, just like during the Pharaoh time in the bible and he told me he doesn’t care about what people are saying about corona virus, that even if he shakes hands with anyone, that he knows corona virus can’t touch him.

This made me go to my bible in Exodus9;13,which explained about the great plague of hail and fire, that we are currently experiencing now, which God told Moses will kill lot of people, but those who believed in God and obeyed his word and instruction would be save, as God instructed Moses to tell the people of both Israel and Egypt together all their food and belongings and stay indoors till the plague is over, but with the Man of God, I was talking about he said he would run his church despite government orders that churches should take precautions to restrict their activities.

My point is from what I read in that summon God expected us to remaining doors at this time and take precautions on our movement and social activities, because many would be infected from corona virus and many would die from it as there would be a time it will pass away and we come out to look for our daily means but for now we are expected to eat from the earnings we have been working in the past.

Base on reality on ground if government fails to install lock down on movement, many individuals would be infected. Many more to talk about but for now what solution would you recommend, since corona virus is highly transmutable to reset the world to Gods desires.

More to come…..

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