Premium Membership

The corona virus pandemic has really taught us great lessons, affecting our income streams and was necessary for us to diversify our effort. Our value has always remained to provide quality content to our loving followers.
We still want to keep on providing creative and free content to our fans without them spending a dime. So for the first time we are starting registration for “premium Members” who will have access to exclusive content and voting, by simply providing a valid email to us on our telegram account.

Premium member’s account would be created for interested members and each month subscription can only be renewed by having a substantial BITCOIN point on our affiliate BITCOIN account. BITCOIN point can be earned once each hour.

Exclusive content premium members can access are so much such as all our book series which is sold on amazon for $10 but will be made free on our website for premium members and members would also have the right to vote.

To get started you need to be on Telegram, which you can do by downloading telegram on your device, install it, create an account with your phone number and get ready to start.
After creating or having your Telegram account, you can contact us on our Telegram account and send us a valid email address to us on Telegram using the Link Below

Thank you for your support and understanding and we look forward to receiving you on Telegram, God Bless.

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